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Go Inside a Professional Color Grading Suite

Michael Maher

Follow along as pro colorist Rob Bessette guides a tour of his color suite at Boston’s Finish Post. Discover workflow secrets and explore a real-deal professional environment.

Images via Cinematography Database

If you’ve ever wanted to see how the pros work, now’s your chance. In the video below, professional colorist Rob Bessette shows off his color grading suite and workspace at Finish Post in Boston. In this clip from the Cinematography Database, you’ll see the full DaVinci Resolve suite in action and learn about the color grading workflow while clients are in the room with you.

You may note the gray color of the suite, which is the best color for your workspace — as it will not influence the actual color grade of the project.

Go Inside a Professional Color Grading Suite: Behind the Scenes

If you’re looking to build your own color grading space, be sure to read our guide on the basics of a color suite. Also note all the lighting in the room, which is kept to a minimum during coloring. Here’s a great post from Pro Video Coalition on the ideal lighting for color suites.

Go Inside a Professional Color Grading Suite: Behind the Scenes: Rob Bessette

The machine at Finish Post is state of the art, as it requires massive amounts of computing power to handle live color grades for clients to analyze and request adjustments. This really cool behind-the-scenes video shows you what it really takes to color grade in terms of equipment. From high-end computers and the color grading control board, to professionally calibrated monitors — this color suite has it all.

For more, check out our interview with Rob Bessette, in which we talk about the evolving role of a colorist, the increase of web video advertisements, and advice for up-and-coming colorists.