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3 Ways to Add Digital Distortion to Your Video Projects

Logan Baker

Get glitchy with your next project with these digital distortion video packs from around the web.

Top image via RocketStock

Whether you’re going for a Mr. Robot feel or a Black Mirror vibe, tweaking your project out with digital distortion is a goal well within reach, thanks to these video element packs. Featuring overlays, tutorials, backgrounds, and more, these assets are the key to retro-cool effects.

1. Corruption From RocketStock

Price: On Sale for $79

With overlays, logo reveals, and transitions, Corruption is the perfect all-encompassing post-production pack for your dystopian/sci-fi themed work. These overlays and transitions ride the wave of video distortion effects prominent in current films and television shows.

RocketStock’s Corruption comes with 120 distortion elements in 4K and 20 mega-glitchy SFX, making it perfect for adding imperfections to your work. Plus, the pack includes in-depth tutorials that show users how to best apply Corruption’s fuzzed-out features to their Premiere Pro, Final Cut, and After Effects workflows.

2. Red Giant

Price: Free


Red Giant’s stacked collection of distortion tutorials is priceless. They’re fast, free, and invaluable for building your arsenal of skills. Even though you have to create the effects from scratch, the customization aspect can’t be beat.

3. DOD MEDIA Featuring Twitch

Price: $45

This route does require you to pick up Twitch from Video Copilot, but it’s a great resource to have at your disposal. The tutorial is just under twenty minutes, and it covers everything you need to know to apply a basic video glitch effect.

What are your favorite ways to pull off digital distortion? Share them in the comments below!