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Industry News: Cameras, Lenses, Gear, Freebies & More (Sept. 2015)

Michael Maher

Get the scoop on the new RED RAVEN camera, URSA Mini footage, the a7S II price, lenses, gear, free stuff and more in this industry news roundup.

Top image via No Film School

There’s been a ton of exciting news over the past few weeks: a glimpse at the latest from RED, prices for new cameras and lenses, an affordable color grading control panel, and tons of free stuff for video editors. Let’s take a look at the action.

The RAVEN Is the Next RED Camera

Industry News: RED RAVEN
Image via No Film School

The RED RAVEN will feature the same body as the WEAPON, but lighter. It will shoot 4K up to 120fps with the DRAGON sensor. The body is expected to cost $5,950, but with the necessary add-ons, the price for a functioning camera will be closer to $9,250.

The RAVEN doesn’t replace Scarlet, It’s a new category in our line up. RAVEN is a younger, hungrier, more “spirited” member of the RED family with a bit of a chip on his shoulder ready to take on the entire sub-$10k market with images that you will be incredibly proud of. — Jarred Land

Read more news about the RED RAVEN at No Film School.

Sony a7S II Price Release

Industry News: a7S II

Sony has announced that the a7S II will ship for $3000. The new model features an ISO up to a staggering 4096001. It will also now include internal 4K video recording.

With the new α7S II, we’ve utilized many of our latest technologies to deliver a camera that will excel in all types of environments, producing still images and video content that will consistently amaze imaging enthusiasts, professional photographers and even Hollywood directors. – Neal Manowitz, Sony Deputy VP

Read the Sony a7S II press release for more information.

RocketStock’s Post-Production Giveaway Includes Gear, Templates, and More

Industry News: RocketStock Giveaway

RocketStock, the After Effects template marketplace, has teamed up with several companies to create an epic giveaway.

The winner will receive a Wacom Intuos tablet, an Editors Keys keyboard, studio headphones, the new AE stabilization plugin ReelSteady, a one year video subscription to BigStock, and a $500 PremiumBeat music credit.

Not to be outdone, RocketStock is giving away 100 After Effects templates, perfect for just about any project imaginable.

Read more and Enter to Win at RocketStock.

Blackmagic URSA Mini Footage Released

Industry News: Ursa Mini
Some of the first footage from the Blackmagic URSA Mini 4K has been uploaded online. Two URSA Mini cameras were used to film a wedding in Europe. Overall, the camera impressed the operators.

Read a very in-depth review and see more footage at No Film School.

Tangent Announces the Ripple Control Panel

Industry News: Tangent Ripple
Image via Tangent

Tangent has announced an entry-level control panel for colorists. With an estimated price of $350, the Ripple will be the most affordable grading panel out there by far. It features three tracker balls with dials for masters, high-resolution optical pick-ups for the balls and dials, independent reset buttons, and programmable A and B buttons.

The Ripple is expected to hit shelves in early 2016.  It will be compatible with any software that uses the Tangent Hub, including DaVinci Resolve, SpeedGrade, Nucoda, and SCRATCH.

Read the Tangent press release for more information.

Artemis Releases a 3-Axis Gimbal That Attaches to a Steadicam

Industry News: Artemis Maxima Gimbal
Image via FoMa Systems

Artemis has created a challenger to the MoVI, the Artemis Maxima. The lightweight gimbal can hold just about any camera up to 30kg (66 lbs). With the Maxima’s weight compensation,  users will not have to rebalance when changing lenses.

More impressive is the fact that the Maxima was designed to be part of the Trinity system. The Artemis Trinity allows Steadicam operators to attach a gimbal to their existing rig.

Read more and see the Artemis Trinity in action at PremiumBeat.

PremiumBeat Gives Away 78 Production Elements as Part of Free Week

Industry News: PremiumBeat Free Week

For five days, PremiumBeat gave away original production elements for readers to use in their own productions. All of the elements are still available for download!

Readers can download After Effects presets and templates, 20 curated sound effects, movie poster and trailer templates, and animated icons.

See more on each of the free elements and download them from PremiumBeat.

Samyang Debuts 4 New Lenses for Mirrorless Cameras

Samyang Lenses

Samyang introduced four new lenses for mirrorless cameras. For photo, there are the 21mm F1.4 and 50mm F1.2. and for cine cameras, the 21mm T1.5 and 50mm T1.3.

The Samyang lenses will be available mid-October and are available for four mirrorless camera mounts: Sony E, MFT, Fujifilm X, and Canon M. Suggested retail prices as follows:

  • 21mm F1.4 – $390
  • 21mm T1.5 – $450
  • 50mm F1.2 – $450
  • 50mm T1.3 – $500

Read the Samyang press release for more information.

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