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Introducing FilmUp: The Newest Platform for Industry Gigs and Portfolios

Robbie Janney

We spoke with FilmUp — a site that combines your portfolio with new job opportunities — on how they’re changing how filmmakers connect with each other.

Cover image via Neil Bradfield.

Showing off your portfolio and getting that portfolio in front of job recruiters is a difficult process for most filmmakers. You have to host your portfolio on your own website, then connect that site to job sites such as Indeed or LinkedIn. And, even then, it’s a gamble if anyone even clicks that link to go to your portfolio. Even with all the job sites you can comb through to find opportunities, it’s hard to find film industry-specific gigs and contracts.

That’s what Christina Chironna and Aryeh Hoppenstein both recognized about the film gig community before founding FilmUp, their new website that connects filmmakers’ portfolios to a job market in one convenient location. It also functions as an industry-specific social media site, where you can connect with both local and international filmmakers who share your passions and vision.

We were able to sit down with Christina and Aryeh to hear more about their new platform and learn about the fantastic community being cultivated at FilmUp. If you are interested in signing up for early access to the FilmUp community, make sure to sign up here and enter for a chance to win a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K just by signing up for the beta.

PB: Tell me a little bit about the start of FilmUp. What made you want to create this community?

Introducing FilmUp: The Newest Platform for Industry Gigs and Portfolios — FilmUp and Christina Chironna

You can host your own portfolio, equipment list, and resume on the site.

FilmUp was founded with the intention of making filmmaking accessible and a force for good. Back in 2015, we realized that the greatest restriction within the industry was not the lack of talent, but the lack of resources and accessibility to opportunity offered to creatives. We set out to solve this problem by making filmmaking accessible.

On FilmUp, filmmakers can represent themselves in creative ways, showcasing their work as well as their background that pertains to filmmaking and creating content in general. Partnered with Indeed, we offer thousands of jobs around the world, including ones that our own community shares. As the platform scales, we will be releasing new features which include free resources for our users. Whether you are in the heart of Hollywood, or in a coffee shop with a wifi connection, you are welcome on FilmUp. We are just getting started.

PB:  What are all the things that FilmUp has to offer Filmmakers on the site?

Introducing FilmUp: The Newest Platform for Industry Gigs and Portfolios — Job Searching

The new site includes a fully-loaded and pre-populated job board. You can search by role, skills, equipment requirements, and location, as long as it is included in the job description.

Every filmmaker has a profile and each profile has a portfolio section where you can add videos, photos, music, and writing samples. It also includes sections where you can input your bio, credits, equipment you own, contact info, your social media links, etc. And with the community search tools and direct messaging features you’re able to contact anyone on our platform.

The best part is, it’s completely free.

PB: FilmUp already has an extremely popular Instagram page. How did you get it to rack up such an amazing amount of followers?

We use our social media as an outlet to showcase outstanding filmmaking and creativity. We spend quite a bit of time looking for high quality content which the filmmaking community can learn from, appreciate, or get inspired to pick up their gear and get to work. We thrive on the energy of the creative community and look to give filmmakers a place to share that energy by engaging through the content we share.

PB: Is there anything in the filmmaking community that you think is lacking? If so, is there anything your new site has to offer to counteract those problems?

Introducing FilmUp: The Newest Platform for Industry Gigs and Portfolios — Community Networking

Looking for crew has never been easier. 

Genuine connectivity, opportunity, and resources. FilmUp strives to be your all-in-one solution platform where you can truly accomplish your goals as a creative, no matter what they are. Right now, filmmakers around the world are struggling to accomplish their vision, for very simple, solvable reasons. This includes the inability to showcase their work, find local talent to collaborate with, find opportunities, getting paid on time…

We strive to solve the simple things, so filmmakers can focus on the big things.

PB:  What type of community are you excited to cultivate at the new FilmUp site?

We’re excited to cultivate an authentic community. We want everyone on the platform to be genuine when they set up their profile, when they connect with other filmmakers, when they share an opportunity, when they share their aspirations. With an authentic approach, we can ensure the quality of the community, engagement, and solutions.

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