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Lighting for Video: Color Temperature and Size

Dave Bode

Understanding color temperature, light size and power draw is imperative for picking the right light for your video shoots!


In the second part in our series on Lighting for Video we dig deeper into choosing the right light for your shoot. In this video tutorial we’ll discuss more lighting basics including color temperature, light size and power draw – essential knowledge for ensuring you’ve chosen the right light for your shot.

The color temperature of lighting units is measured on the Kelvin scale. In this tutorial we’ll first cover the lighting temperature of different lighting units and where they fall on the Kelvin scale. By understanding this fundamental of lighting, you can achieve better results in mixed lighting environments and compensate for potential color casts. See the image below for a handy cheat sheet on color temperature from StreamingMediaProducer.

Additionally, we’ll take a look at a few examples of how light size effects the look of a shot. The size of the light relative to the size of the subject dictates how hard or soft the shadows appear.

Finally, we’ll make a few considerations for power usage when choosing lights for your shoot – which lights draw the most power and how to prevent circuit overload from these heavy hitters.

Be sure to check out our previous video tutorial on light output for even more info on choosing the right light for your video shoot.

Stay tuned, as we’ll be adding more videos in our Lighting for Video series!
Image from Streaming Media Producer