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Learn Filmmaking From Martin Scorsese In the Next Masterclass

Michael Maher

Masterclass has revealed their next educational series will be led by legendary director Martin Scorsese.

All images via Masterclass.

Academy Award winner Martin Scorsese is going to teach you how to make a film in the next celebrity-led course from online educator Masterclass.

The $90 course will include a downloadable workbook, recaps, and additional materials. You will also have a chance to upload questions for Scorsese to answer.

I was excited by this project because it gave me a chance to pass down my own inspirations and experiences and practices and evolutions… not as a blueprint for how to make movies but as a guidepost, an offering to young people attempting to find their own way. – Martin Scorsese via Variety

Scorsese will cover the following topics:

  • Developing Style
  • Working with Actors
  • Cinematography
  • Production Design
  • Music
  • Color
  • Editing
  • Sound Design
  • On-Set Directing

Learn Filmmaking From Martin Scorsese In the Next Masterclass - Cover

All of this is in addition to other Masterclass courses already available from filmmakers, writers, and musicians like Werner Herzog, Hans Zimmer, David Mamet, Aaron Sorkin, Dustin Hoffman, Steve Martin, and Kevin Spacey.

You can pre-enroll in the 20+ lessons from Martin Scorsese now at masterclass.com/ms. The coursework will be available early 2018.