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Aerial Video Toolkit

Andrew Taylor

High-Flying Footage, Music, and Video Elements

Whether it’s soaring above New York City or flying over a vast forest, aerial shots can be striking additions to any video project. As establishing shots, they’re ideal — they effortlessly introduce location, and they look great doing it. They’re also a superb way to add a cinematic, big-budget look to your work.

If you’ve always wanted to add an aerial shot into one of your projects but lack the resources to do so, we’ve got you covered. We’ve rounded up all the elements you need to build your own eye-catching aerial sequence without ever leaving the ground.

So dive on in to our latest toolkit and pick up professionally shot stock footage, soaring royalty free music, and high-flying video elements to match.

Aerial Video Toolkit — Norway Aerial

Breathtaking Aerial Footage

Using stock aerial footage comes with huge benefits. For starters, to get the right shot, you won’t need to pay for permits or for helicopter rental. Plus, if you’re not actually shooting on-location, it saves on travel costs.

The team at Shutterstock have kindly hand-picked over 100 of their finest aerial shots. This striking set features everything from footage of major world city skylines to a huge variety of landscapes and more. It’s a great, diverse selection that we recommend you keep in mind whenever you need aerial footage.

Customizable After Effects Templates

Put the finishing touches on your aerial shot with these After Effects templates made by our friends over at RocketStock.

Introduce the location of your aerial with Venue, a striking pack of lower thirds. Or incorporate aerial footage into a title sequence with Keyworks. Or to make your shot really stand out, check out video slideshow, Waypoint.

Have a look at our recommendations, then head to RocketStock to see their full collection. They even have a huge range of freebies available too!

Aerial Video Toolkit — Shanghai Aerial

High-flying Music

At PremiumBeat, we believe that pairing the right track with the right aerial shot is magic. That’s why our music team has compiled a playlist of royalty free tracks that are ideal for aerial footage.

Ranging from majestic orchestral cues to inspiring, playful instrumentals, these tracks effortlessly evoke the joy and wonder of flight. Take a listen and find the perfect track for your project.

Soaring Instrumentals
Soaring Instrumentals
Handpicked and exclusive, these tracks will lift your project to new heights.
  • Times
  • Bright and building, featuring electric guitar and hand claps that create an optimistic mood.
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  • Dirty Slide
  • Edgy and tough with a garage rock feel, featuring gritty electric guitar, bass and pulsing drums that create a bold, rebellious mood.
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