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Featured Royalty Free Music Composer: Alex Beaulieu

A multi-instrumentalist, Alex Beaulieu runs his own music production studio. Surfing the techno-instrumental wave, his music is both organic and commercial. In addition to being a performing musician and a music teacher, Alex has created several compositions for films and theater.

Alex Beaulieu's Royalty Free Music
  • Your Eyes
  • Warm and smooth, featuring a light groove, synth textures, underlying female vocal oohs, pulsing piano and breezy acoustic guitar that creates a relaxing mood.
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  • So Smooth
  • Mellow and smooth with a laidback R&B groove, warm string textures and Jazzy electric guitar create a confident and cool mood.
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  • Chill Out
  • Smooth and warm, featuring a laidback Hip-Hop groove, light pulsing electronic textures and introspective piano creates a hypnotic feel.
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  • Brahms - Lullaby
  • Classical arrangement of the most famous lullaby. The melody is played on piano, with strings and woodwinds in the background. The intro and the transitions are original. Sweet, gentle, lovely.
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  • I Feel Great
  • Gentle and smooth, featuring a relaxed bell melody, breezy acoustic guitar and light underlying strings that create a carefree and dreamy mood.
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