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The New Classics: Royalty-Free Original Christmas Songs

By Francois Arbour

Looking for modern Holiday songs for your media projects?  Check out our roundup of the best royalty free Christmas tracks!

While the classic Christmas carols are indispensible in musically crafting a holiday mood, there are some great royalty-free original Christmas songs that can not only evoke the feeling of the holidays, but offer a breath of fresh air to seasonal productions. While using popular holiday music like Christmas carols is a great way to bring out the holiday mood, using original songs can be a great way to set your production apart from the rest and make a new classic all your own. Nowadays, the television holiday specials of the 1950s and 60s are considered classics, though at the time, they featured almost wholly original soundtracks. By not relying too heavily on the older Christmas songs, they were able to carve out a new place in the public consciousness and create some classic Christmas songs of their own at the same time.

In keeping with this concept, Premiumbeat features some of the best original Christmas music by top modern composers. There’s something special about hearing a song that can evoke holiday seasons past even on your first listen. Include one of these new classics in your holiday production and you’ll be sure to make a special place in the hearts of your audience for years to come.

The New Classics: Royalty-Free Original Christmas Songs
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