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Sound Effects Packages: Low Cost, High Impact

It can be frustrating to search for just the right sound effect for your production.

You need a creaky door, but your door is heavy wood on iron hinges, and what you found sounds like a metal stairwell door hung in a steel frame. Or the sound of a gunshot – but which gun? A semi-automatic Glock pistol or a 19th century musket? What about a cocktail party background? Are you having trouble putting together the right combination of crystal clinking, silverware clattering, and guests chattering?

We have a huge collection of individual, royalty-free sound effects that are easy to browse. (Be careful, it’s so much fun you might find it addicting!) You can make it even easier on yourself by purchasing one of our sound effects packages geared for specific genres. You’ll get much more for your money than by purchasing each effect individually.

Game SFX

Whether you’re developing the next great video game or the next Oscar-winning animated film, we have a wide variety of sound effects collections that will fit your needs. Here are just a few examples:
Games Essentials Vol. 1
Magic & Weapons Vol. 1
Monsters & Creatures Vol. 1
Click here to see all Game SFX packages.

Production Elements

Construct just the right aural atmosphere for almost any production with packages like these:
Asian Elements Vol. 1
Horror/Scary Vol. 1
Trailer Construction Kit
Click here to see what else we have to offer.


Select from some of our most popular packages:
Ambient Backgrounds Vol. 1
Cartoon/Comedy Vol. 1
Christmas Sound Effects Vol. 1

We’re adding to our sound effects library all the time. Check back often to see what’s new, and how much you can save with one of our featured sound effects packages.

Contact us today to add professional sound effects to your next project.