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Featured Royalty Free Music Composer: Martin Riopel

Martin started learning saxophone at 12 years old in high school. His parents offered him a guitar on his thirteenth anniversary. Thanks to bands like U2, The Cure, Depeche Mode, INXS and Rush, he developed a real passion for today’s music. That lead him to college to study jazz and pop music. His first band, Opus, climbed the charts of rock and alternative radio stations. In 1999 Martin founded the Music Academy of Lorraine.

Royalty Free Music by Martin Riopel
  • Focusing
  • Bright and upbeat in the style of U2, featuring pulsing energetic guitar, smooth textures, melodic piano and drums that create a triumphant and confident mood.
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  • Nocturne
  • Bright and upbeat, featuring energetic guitar, introspective piano, smooth textures and driving drums that create an inspirational and confident mood.
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  • Sea Of Life
  • Bright and upbeat, featuring pulsing electric guitar, an optimistic piano melody and driving drums that create enthusiasm and inspiration.
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  • Funky Moments
  • Laidback with a bouncy Funk groove, featuring, a dreamy sequence at 1:33, wah wah and bluesy electric guitar that create a cool and confident mood.
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  • Warning Call
  • Energetic and driving with a heavy backbeat, featuring gritty electronic textures and pulsing rhythms that create a confident and bold mood.
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