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Featured Royalty Free Music Composer: Olive Musique

Serge Essiambre has been composing music for more than 20 years for the advertising industry, as well as for television, movies and websites. His list of clients includes Radio-Canada, Kellog, Domtar, AirMiles, Artic Gardens, Labatt, Gatorade and many others.

Royalty Free Music from Olive Musique
  • Promised Land
  • Warm and majestic, featuring dramatic strings, choral elements, a Pop groove and floating textures that create a mood of determination and inspiration.
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  • Global Vision
  • Bright and building, featuring pulsing electronic elements, smooth underlying textures, warm piano and a driving Pop groove that creates inspiration and reflection.
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  • Spy on the Run
  • Dark with a bouncy Jazz Swing groove, featuring a "James Bond" style gritty electric guitar melody, bright brass and underlying strings create an intriguing and suspenseful mood.
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