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Get Immersed with Epic Music for Timelapse Videos

Andrew Taylor

Harness the power of nature with this collection of epic and evocative royalty free tracks.  

Your camera pans across a dry savanna. Eventually you reveal a majestic mountain range in the distance. Now pair that image with a soaring score and you’ve got some cinematic magic happening.

Music can work wonders on any landscape or timelapse scene. Used right, it can inject your shot with an instant sense of scope, awe, or tranquility. But most importantly, it can make your audience feel like they’re right there in a lonely fog-bound forest or in the middle of a scorching desert.

These tracks are bound to make your landscape shots truly unforgettable. Drawing on diverse moods and styles, this playlist offers a mix of epic, intimate, and ethereal tracks that’ll help you to showcase Mother Nature in all her glory.

Each track here is royalty-free and has been curated from the PremiumBeat music library. A Standard License covers most usage, including on all online video sites like YouTube and Vimeo. So choose your perfect-match track and bring your landscape and timelapse videos to life in vivid detail.

Music for Timelapse Videos
Discover the epic power of these exclusive tracks.
  • Deep Space
  • Bright and flowing, featuring shimmering piano, lush strings and majestic orchestral sonorities that create a dramatic and empowering mood.
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  • Red Sky
  • Smooth and tender, featuring warm electric guitar, floating textures and a building slow groove that creates an introspective mood.
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