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Meditative Ambient Music for Thoughtful Videos

Andrew Taylor

Royalty-free music to calm the soul. This playlist is perfect for meditation videos and more.

Cover image via Shutterstock.

It’s an interesting paradox that ambient soundtracks — with music that’s often designed to subtly establish mood and texture — end up having a big impact on viewers. Think of the soundscape Thomas Newman created for American Beauty or Vangelis’s score to Blade Runner. Both are soundtracks that people still talk about today.

Whether it’s an accompaniment to a thoughtful Sci-Fi piece or a meditation instructional for YouTube, there are plenty of genres and project types that can benefit from a unique ambient sound. For example, see how the track “New Atmosphere” by Martin Riopel adds a chill, hypnotic texture to Jon Wright Photography‘s video below.

Want to give your next project a similar New Age vibe? Our music team has curated a playlist featuring meditative, ambient cues. Each track is royalty free, too, so with the purchase of a simple license, you can the track of your choice online in as many videos as you want. Check all of our royalty free music here.

Hypnotic Ambience
Hypnotic Ambience
Atmospheric music perfect for meditation videos and more.
  • Fellowship
  • Warm and flowing, featuring pulsing electric guitar, light piano and floating synth textures that create an introspective mood.
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