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Awaken Your Independent Spirit With Our Latest Music Collection

Andrew Taylor

Want to feature some authentic indie beats on your next soundtrack? We’ve been working alongside some of the boldest artists in the business to create a new collection of free-spirited tracks.  

When it comes to music in film and video, we’re big believers in the power of indie. As a genre, it stands out from the crowd for being innovative and authentic. It’s a type of music that embodies a non-mainstream approach; a perfect match for trailblazing independent filmmakers looking to give their work a distinct, creative edge.

For our latest collection, we joined forces with some seriously talented independent artists. As a result, The Independent Collection features a huge range of killer tracks that cover the whole spectrum — from raw and brooding to upbeat electro-pop goodness.

For starters, check out Like Gold. Written by LA-based Wolves, the song’s vocals, synth textures and catchy pop groove will add a breezy confidence to any project.

Or there’s Nature’s Way by Kensington Studios. Gentle vocals and a soothing acoustic guitar combine to make a nostalgic soundscape — ideal for scenes that need to convey subtle, contemplative emotions.

And that’s just scratching the surface. So sit back, listen and just imagine how these songs can lend an authentically indie sound to your next creative project.

The Independent Collection
The Independent Collection
Authentic Indie Tracks
  • Bloom Time
  • Bright and flowing, featuring a heavy Pop Rock groove, vocal oohs and pulsing synth textures that create a carefree, cheerful mood.
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  • Way Up
  • Upbeat and bright, featuring a bouncy Indie Pop feel, female lead vocals and hand claps that create an enthusiastic mood.
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  • Go Again
  • Bouncy and bright, featuring optimistic female lead vocals, piano and synth textures that create a cheerful mood.
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  • Like Gold
  • Bright and flowing, featuring bouncy synth textures, female lead vocals and a laid-back Electro Pop groove that creates confidence.
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