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Set Your Corporate Videos to These Brand New Motivational Tracks

Andrew Taylor

There’s a fine art to curating a perfect corporate video soundtrack.

Images via Shutterstock

The trusty corporate video project: providing a steady stream of work for videographers since the invention of the boardroom. But as well as being a useful source of income, corporate videos are also an excellent chance to showcase your filmmaking abilities by taking a potentially ‘dry’ subject and making it shine on screen.

No matter the focus of the project — whether it’s an informative training video or product launch promo — to make your video really stand out from the crowd (and to secure a repeat client) it should be cinematic, polished and stay on message for every second of screentime.

The thread that ties this all together; one that can simultaneously convey company values, drive home your video’s message and inject your project with a cinematic quality, is your choice of background music.

At PremiumBeat, our music team is always on the lookout for tracks that’ll fit your corporate videos to a T. Gentle, breezy tracks with a driving, modern rhythm often work best. The music should complement the message on screen and achieve a fine balance of sounding ‘big budget’ while not stealing the show.

Get This Month’s New Music for Corporate Videos

This month, our music team has added a number of tracks to our library that meet this criteria perfectly. So next time you secure a corporate contract, try setting your video to one of these exclusive royalty free tracks.

Each track is brand new, so get them while they’re fresh. Listen now to all the new music for corporate videos!

New Music for Corporate Videos
Modern & Inspirational Royalty Free Tracks
  • Poolside
  • Groovy and laidback, featuring smooth electric guitar, electric bass, piano and drums that create a chill, reflective mood.
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  • Funny Story
  • Bouncy and quirky, featuring light pizzicato strings, woodwinds, flowing piano and percussion that create a curious, reflective mood.
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  • New Life
  • Light and sunny, featuring warm electric guitar, floating synthesizer and vocal samples that create a bright and positive atmosphere.
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  • Clearest
  • Gentle and soothing, featuring atmospheric electric guitar, light piano and pulsing drums that create a comforting, tender mood.
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