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Start 2017 on the Right Note with These Brand New Tracks

Andrew Taylor

Discover the latest music to hit our library and give your videos a fresh new sound for 2017.

The start of any year is an opportunity to take on new creative endeavors and try out video projects that you may not normally consider. In other words, it’s about keeping things freshWith that in mind, we’ve released a powerhouse of a playlist that features our latest exclusive royalty free tracks. That way, you can dive into your new 2017 projects with some bold new tunes.

Hear 2017’s New Royalty Free Music
The common thread binding our latest music picks together? These are powerful tracks that blend acoustic moods with contemporary electronic sounds. From slow building cues to bold, epic instrumentals, this is music that will make your audience take notice.

While perfect for any video project, our latest picks are ideal for when you need to get right to the heart of your story in a short space of time. Great for ads or short promos that require viewers to quickly invest in what’s happening on screen.

To get started, check out “Today Will Be Great” by Irish composer Emmett Cook. He has crafted an optimistic track that starts out with hopeful cello textures and then builds triumphantly. “Railroads” by Tonemassif is a high-energy dance track using futuristic synth textures to conjure up a sense of innovation.

Now that you’ve scratched the surface of our latest releases, dive in and hear the rest. Remember, all of our music is royalty free and copyright clear. All you need to do is pick a license that suits your needs, and you’re ready to go. So get listening, get inspired, and give your 2017 projects a fresh new sound.

The Fresh Sounds of 2017
The Fresh Sounds of 2017
Electro-Acoustic Vibes for a Brand New Year
  • Restless
  • Warm and flowing, featuring pulsing piano and smooth synth textures, with a laid-back Trip Hop groove that creates determination.
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  • Different Styles
  • Grooving and confident, featuring funky synthesizers, deep synth bass and choppy vocal samples that create a bold, feel-good mood.
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  • Railroads
  • Pulsing and bright, featuring warm synth textures and a bouncy progressive house groove that creates a feel for innovation.
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