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Soul Searching Royalty Free Music for Fall Videos

Andrew Taylor

Give Your Fall Color Videos a Soul-Searching Sound.

Royalty Free Soul Searching Sound for Fall Videos — Autumn ForestImage via Shutterstock.

Get folk-inspired royalty free music for your upcoming fall season videos.

Cover image via Shutterstock.

More than any other season, fall is an ideal time to capture striking footage. Leaves are rapidly changing color, causing whole forests to look incredibly dramatic. Of course, Halloween is also on the horizon to add a touch of paranormal into the mix.

With such iconic imagery around, fall is gold for any videographer or cinematographer who wants to express transition, change, or reflection.

At PremiumBeat, we know all about the power of music to improve footage. Take a look at this stunning video by Julian Tryba for example. Featuring drone shots of New England forests, the clip uses the PremiumBeat track “Uncharted” by Evocatif to great effect. The track’s warm synth textures highlight the dramatic red leaves perfectly.

To help you out, we’ve created a playlist of royalty free tracks for this spectacular time of year. Featuring a mix of woodsy, folk-inspired songs as well as a few atmospheric cues too, this playlist is tailor-made for improving fall season videos.

Royalty Free Soul Searching Sound for Fall Videos — HalloweenImage via Shutterstock.

Or if you’re looking for a more traditional horror sound for Halloween projects, check out our horror music showcase too!

Soul Searching Fall Tunes
Soul Searching Fall Tunes
Atmospheric and earthy, folk-inspired royalty free music.
  • Uncharted
  • Smooth and soothing, featuring warm synth textures that build to pulsing rhythms and soaring strings that create a magical and inspirational mood.
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  • Humanity
  • Warm and smooth, featuring floating synth textures, electric guitar and piano that create a peaceful mood.
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