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Royalty Free Music for Sports & Action – Best Choice for Dynamic Scenes

Danny Greer

Add power to your action or sports related videos and projects!  We’ve rounded up the best royalty free music to build energy and excitement.

Looking for an intense music track for your sports montage?  Want a dynamic soundtrack for a fiery action scene?  In this music showcase, we’ve rounded up the best tracks to add excitement to your video and media projects.  Great for highlighting sports on television or as a soundtrack to an action-packed film scene, these energetic tracks deliver.

The right music is essential for drawing in your viewers and adding to the intensity of on-screen action.  Rather than distracting from the action, it should serve to support and bolster the intensity.  Premiumbeat has a cost-effective royalty free music license to fit your needs, whether you’re needing background music for a YouTube video or the soundtrack to an internationally distributed television program.  Get more info on our licensing here.

Now, take a listen to these these intense royalty free tracks and hear the difference they can make in your sports or action related program:

Music Showcase! Royalty Free Music for Sports & Action
  • Day of Reckoning
  • A smooth yet sinister introduction leads to heavy drum hits, tense strings, choral elements and a rising build that create a mood of anticipation and adventure.
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