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Royalty Free Music for Pro Real Estate Videos

Andrew Taylor

Liven up your real estate videos with our hand-picked playlist of royalty free music.

Royalty Free Music for Pro Real Estate Videos

The number of real estate videos online has exploded in recent years. And it’s easy to see why: for agents, walk-through videos can help spread the word about the latest properties to hit their books.

But rather than simple, one-take clips, real estate videos have become sophisticated selling tools. With the help of slick editing and the right music, viewers can picture themselves living right there in that fancy downtown condo or two-story semi-detached.

If you’ve been asked to edit a real estate video, it’s worth taking the time to ensure you’ve got the most effective music lined up. Take, for instance, the clip below, which uses the PremiumBeat track Violet Letter by Aulx Studio. The slick, upbeat cue adds an emotional aspect to the footage, giving the property an exclusive, polished feel.

Notice the way the track complements what’s on screen — the drone shots of the stunning interiors and exteriors are all cut in sync with the beat of the track. The music doesn’t just sit quietly in the background — it drives the video forward.

So what kind of music suits real estate videos best? Sophisticated and subtle is a good way to go. Instrumental tracks with a smooth electro pop beat create an exclusive atmosphere. Throw in some acoustic or orchestral elements to give your video a more personal, human touch.

To help guide you in the right direction, our music team has compiled a playlist of royalty free tracks that are ideal for real estate videos. Next time you need to find the perfect accompaniment to your video, keep this playlist close by.

Music for Real Estate Videos
Music for Real Estate Videos
Make your "for sale" property look irresistible with these enticing tracks.
  • In the Zone
  • Heavy and laid-back, featuring a groovy Trap groove, bright synth textures and 808 bass that create a determined mood.
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  • Stay Cool
  • Light and thoughtful, featuring warm piano, bouncy synthesizers, plucky electric guitar and vocal samples that build up to a soaring, feel-good mood.
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