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Royalty Free Music for Unforgettable Unboxing Videos

Andrew Taylor

Want to make your next unboxing vid stand out from the crowd? These stylish tunes will do the trick.

Cover image via Shutterstock.

Royalty Free Music for Unforgettable Unboxing Videos — UnboxingImage via Shutterstock.

Just one look on YouTube, and it’s plain to see: unboxing videos are a big deal. For every highly anticipated product that gets released, there are numerous vloggers documenting it. If you’re an unboxing video creator, you’re in good company — popular channels like Unbox Therapy can reach viewership in the millions.

It’s easy to see why unboxing videos are so popular. They offer viewers an authentic, third-party look at a new product, unbiased by marketing hype — all while conjuring that exciting, Christmas-morning feeling of anticipation.

As experts in all things music, we believe that the soundtrack you choose for your unboxing video can contribute a lot to its success. A high-quality track can give your work a polished, stylish feel. It can also reassure viewers that they’re watching a professional who knows their stuff when it comes to the product they’re unveiling. Take a look at the Samsung Gear IconX unboxing video below, for example. It uses the PremiumBeat track “Oh So Happy” by Gentle Fire Studio to great effect.

To help take your unboxing videos to the next level, our music team has curated a selection of ideal royalty free tracks. These bright, engaging cues are the perfect match for showcasing exciting new products — from the latest tech to brand-new toys. Each track is royalty free, so with the purchase of a simple license, you can use your chosen tracks online in as many videos as you want.

Music for Unboxing Videos
Music for Unboxing Videos
Bring your unboxing videos to life with these fun, stylish tracks.
  • Flat Design Pop
  • Bouncy and hopeful, featuring pizzicato strings, soothing vocal oohs, shimmering glockenspiel and pulsing drums that create a sunny, uplifting mood.
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  • A Day in the Sun
    By Gyom
  • Driving and uplifting, featuring slick electric guitar, bright piano, heavy vocal oohs and punchy synth drums that create an epic, feel-good mood.
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