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Outrun: Royalty Free Synthwave Tracks with a Retro Vibe

Michael Maher

Listen to this collection of curated royalty-free synthwave tracks. Find the perfect score for your ’80s flashbacks, horror, sci-fi, and fantasy videos.

All images via Shutterstock.

Based on our own data, in tandem with Shutterstock’s Creative Trends 2018 report, synthwave is rapidly becoming the most searched-for category of music. It’s an incredibly popular genre that is reminiscent on 1980’s horror and action films.

Today, synthwave shows up in everything from fantasy series like Stranger Things to sci-fi films like Blade Runner 2049. (Be sure to check our playlists inspired by these shows and films down below.)

Outrun: Royalty Free Synthwave Tracks with a Retro Vibe

Shutterstock Music and PremiumBeat have seen a search increase of 494 percent for synthwave royalty-free tracks. Other rapidly growing search terms are “synthesizer,” “synth,” “synth+bass,” and “80s synth.”

This new outrun synthwave playlist is built on our customers love of these popular playlists. So give these a listen, too!

Outrun: Royalty Free Synthwave Tracks
Outrun: Royalty Free Synthwave Tracks
Synthesizer Beats with a Retro-Future Vibe
  • Sharks
  • Heavy and gritty with Trap elements, featuring shimmering synth textures and a laid-back beat that creates a feel for innovation.
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  • Spirit
  • Warm and floating, featuring lightly pulsing electronic elements that build with a Pop Rock groove and create inspiration.
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  • Signal Error
  • Mystical and pulsing, featuring ambient piano, strings, brass, and percussion that create a heroic, mysterious atmosphere.
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