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Video Tutorial: Multiple Range Selections in FCPX

Danny Greer

Learn how to select multiple clips at the same time in the Final Cut Pro X event browser.  The ability to choose ‘persistent range selections’ was a recent addition to FCPX version 10.0.6.


As we’ve covered in a previous post, the 10.0.6 update to Final Cut Pro X was the biggest since the app’s initial release.  One added feature in that update was the option to choose multiple clips in a single clip in the event browser.  This can result in faster clip selection, speeding up the editing process.

Richard Taylor, creator of the great Final Cut Pro X resource site FCPX.tv, has created this short video tutorial to demonstrate how to create ‘persistent range selections in FCPX’, including a hiccup with the feature that you need to be aware of.

To choose multiple selections from one clip hold down the COMMAND key while selecting ranges with the mouse.

Richard also demonstrates how to choose multiple selections in FCPX with keyboard shortcuts (typically a faster way to work).  Lastly, you’ll learn how to make all the ranges Favorites (like subclips), so you can rename them and easily access them during your edit.

If you’re a Final Cut Pro X video editor you’ll want to check out this quick tutorial on creating persistent range selections in FCPX: