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NAB 2017: Aputure’s New 300D LED Light

Logan Baker

Aputure’s latest LED light is wildly practical, surprisingly affordable, and extremely effective.

All images via No Film School.

Aputure’s announcement of the COB 300D is big news for video production houses and DPs alike. The single-source LED is their biggest yet, at three times as powerful as their previous light, the COB 120D. Not only is the light powerful, but it is also extremely compatible with their other products and extremely easy to use. No Film School caught up with Ted Sim from Aputure to talk about the new light.

The light contains a magenta glass filter, which bumps the TLCI from 94 to over 98. On top of being an all around powerful light, the 300D no longer wastes energy. Instead of bringing a generator out to set, you will now be able to run the light off its two 30-watt batteries for over an hour and a half. This portability is a game changer if you need to shoot in remote locations with limited crew.

One of the best features of the light is the remote. If you’ve owned Aputure products in the past, you’ll be able to use the remote for the 300D as well as other Aputure lights.

The 300D is a single-source LED, not a panel, which means you will get a hard shadow, unlike panels that usually create multiple little shadows.

NAB 2017: Aputure's New 300D LED Light — Mini Dome

Also announced with the 300D is the Mini Dome, which is less than half as thick as their previous Light Dome. At 24 inches across, the dome comes with a grid made of parachute fabric. This durable fabric is perfect for a soft box — the unit costs less than $100.

The ultimate goal with this light is to replace your HMI lights or 800 Joker with a durable, dependable solution for any lighting problem. The COB 300D is said to be priced somewhere below $1,000.

Be sure to check out the rest of our NAB 2017 coverage on the blog, and stay tuned for more updates.

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