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NAB 2018: Aputure Reveals A Brand-New RGB Panel Light

Robbie Janney

Aputure has just revealed their very first RGB panel light, which uses colors from the entire spectrum. Here’s what we know.

Cover image via SCOTTCHAN.

Last night at NAB, Aputure held a “Super Top Secret Filmmaker Dinner” to show off a product that’s been in the works for over two years. This is something that we’ve wanted for a really long time from Aputure — an RGB light panel.

We here at PremiumBeat exclusively use Aputure lights in our studio, and we are elated to hear about this new light. Although it hasn’t been fully announced and is still in development, here’s what we know so far.

Handheld Light Controller

The light panel features an attached device that can control a wide array of light attributes, such hue, temperature, and saturation. There are dials on the device to select a precise color. There’s not much available information on the device, but hopefully we will learn more soon.

Color Picker Feature

This new light will feature a color picker, which lets you point the light’s handheld device at any light source to copy the color. This is a huge feature that’s really going to help gaffers match lights that vary in temperature. What used to be a lengthy process is now a simple button-click.

It can also record light over time, so if you want to replicate a certain color change or flickering effect, all you have to do is capture a sunset with the handheld device or point the device at a flickering TV.

That’s all we know so far about this RGB light, but we’re expecting a full announcement from Aputure soon. Stay up-to-date on the PremiumBeat blog for all things NAB.

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