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Quickly Sync Audio and Footage in Premiere Pro

Logan Baker

It’s super-easy to sync your audio and video quickly and efficiently without ever leaving Premiere Pro. Here’s how it’s done.

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More likely than not, you’re working with a camera and an external audio recorder like the Zoom H1. Adequately aligning the audio and video is difficult if you don’t approach the problem in the right way. Instead of forking out cash on programs like PluralEyes to sync your audio and footage, Adobe gives you the capability to do this right inside Premiere Pro.

If you want to avoid spending money on software and don’t feel like going through the tedious process of doing it manually, check out the tutorial below (via Corey Machado) for a great way to sync audio and footage in Premiere Pro. You’ll discover how to merge clips and learn about synchronizing and removing audio. You’ll be synced up before you know it and free to move on to the real-deal edit.

Pretty simple right? One of the most important takeaways of this tip is to make sure your audio and video is logged prior to editing or you won’t know which clips are which. This step alone will save you hours of work.

Got any additional tips/tricks/techniques for quickly and easily syncing audio and video? Share them in the comments below!