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Star Wars in 4K – The Legacy Edition

Jonny Elwyn

Ever wished you could watch Star Wars in 4K? Now you can, thanks to one man’s labor of love.

When you’re a true fan of something, you’re happy to invest hours and hours of your time, talent, and effort into that thing. Visual effects artist, composer, and director Mike Verta is attempting to restore the original Star Wars film to all its technicolor glory and preserve it in 4K. The results are a testament to his talents and his love for the film.

What’s particularly interesting is the opportunity to see the detailed technical work that goes into restoring a film and the huge difference between the way I remember it on VHS and the way it was supposed to be seen!

Here is a quick selection of a few of the best videos so far.

In all these breakdowns, Mike explains his process, the restoration challenges he faced, and the reasoning behind his creative decisions.

I mean I never saw this, not in 40 years of watching Star Wars, until I started working on this shot, you’ll see the first frame jumps like this, but then the star field and the X-wings are all bouncing around and then they settle a little bit and continue. And because I’m trying not to improve these shots, I’m just trying to represent these shots just in their best light, I want to preserve stuff like that… and it’s actually harder rather than easier.

Fascinating stuff! You can follow Mike’s progress on his Vimeo channel – Star Wars Legacy 4K Edition. Here are a few more posts from PremiumBeat about the ins and outs of working with 4K.

What do you think of Verta’s restoration work? What other classics would you like to see reworked? Let’s get nostalgic in the comment section below!