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The Power of Props and How to Make Your Own

Michael Maher

Movie props are an often overlooked item, but they are essential to your film’s storytelling. Check out some great movie props, and learn to make your own with these resources.

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To get an idea on the importance of movie props, check out this great video from Rishi Kaneria. Take a look at the hidden power of props and how filmmakers use everyday objects to keep the audience invested in the story.

Movie props don’t have to be expensive. You can use everyday objects. Even major motion pictures use objects that are just lying around.

You can even use some of the camera gear you have lying around. It looked great in Aliens, when the crew used steadicam arms for smart guns. It can also look not so great, like turning an old camera into a heatseeking missile launcher in xXx. Check out this video from Watch Mojo which features some great simple props.

If you are interested in making your own props, there are some amazing resources out there.

The Replica Prop Forum

The Power of Props and How to Make Your Own: The RPF

The Replica Prop Forum, commonly called the RPF, is an absolutely fantastic resource. Members share their building techniques on how they made some of their favorite movie props. The benefit on learning how to make famous props is the experience of crafting intricate items out of everyday objects.

Not only do members talk about the props they made, but also costumes, makeup, and some special effects.  An active member of the RPF is Adam Savage of Mythbusters fame, which leads us to our next site.


The Power of Props and How to Make Your Own: Tested

Tested is a great site for all sorts of awesome news. The site was founded by the Mythbusters crew, who show you all sorts of things. They talk about making props, new exciting camera gear and drones, and all sorts of awesome geek and nerd news.

One of their most popular tutorials of all time will help you get ready for Star Wars: Episode VII. Check out this tutorial on casting your own lightsaber.

AWE Me DIY Prop Shop

The Power of Props and How to Make Your Own: PropShop

The AWE Me DIY Prop Shop YouTube channel is a great simple low budget DIY resource. These DIY props aren’t supposed to be movie accurate, rather just great looking tributes. They’ve already made tons of iconic pieces from all sorts of movies. Be sure to check out their great videos.