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Things Colorists Tweet: Insights from Professional Colorists

Jonny Elwyn

If you’re interested in learning more about what it takes to be a colorist, keep an eye on the things colorists’ tweet.

Following the right people on Twitter can give you a drip-fed education in pretty much any subject. These colorists who tweet have really helpful insights, skills and solutions to share. Add them to your feed and keep an eye open! Occasionally you don’t even have to be looking that hard to come away with some valuable gems.

Hit the video embedded in this tweet to hear from ICA colorist Warren Eagles with the results of his “What are you grading 2014?” survey. Some really interesting stats on the changing nature of the business!

What a Professional Color Grading Suite Looks Like

In this tweet from colorist Jim Wicks you get a good sense of how a professional colorist lays out his colour grading suite including his colour grading surface, UI monitor, scopes, grading and client monitors.

One benefit to using an ultra-wide monitor like this is that you’ve got the right screen real-estate to see what you’re doing. You can never have enough space to make room for your scopes, nodes, curves, keyframes, colour wheels and more as a colorist.

Then again, you also need plenty of desk space too for your colour grading surface. In this tweet the Tangent Element, which is normally composed of 4 unique units that can be put together in any way you like, with as many units as you need joined together…

This peak into the colour grading suite sometimes includes a look at their nodes or before and after comparisons like the one at the top of this post.

The Questions Colorist’s Ask

One of the best ways of learning from other colorist’s is to see the kind of questions they ask when they encounter problems and the answers they get. That’s part of the beauty of Twitter is that you’ve got access to a world-wide community of experts, and the rest of us get to look in on the conversation. Click on the date stamp in the following tweets to read through the full thread.

One colorist who loves a particularly tricky form of Q+A is colorist Juan Salvo who occasionally posts these kind of questions. To which he always knows the answer. There doesn’t seem to be much that Juan doesn’t know.