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The Many Different Ways to Use the Crop Effect in Premiere Pro

Logan Baker

Here are 5 ways the crop effect in Adobe Premiere Pro will improve your filmmaking workflow — and yield more satisfying results.

Top image via Cinecom.net.

So if you’re new to Premiere Pro and also unfamiliar with After Effects, there are certain “Video Effects” you can use within Premiere Pro that are really accessible and look good. The first one is the “Crop” effect. In this video, Cinecom.net demonstrates the many ways this simple tool can help you play with multiple images at once, give your video a more cinematic feel, and enhance the flow of your video. Let’s take a look.

Adding a Cinematic Touch

The Many Different Ways to Utilize the Crop Effect in Premiere Pro — Cinematic Touch

So to start, you can use the crop tool to add the classic cinematic widescreen bars to the top and bottom of your image. This will give you that letterbox widescreen feel. To apply this effect to your entire edit, add an adjustment layer first, and then you can move the clips around, fitting the new aspect ratio however you like.

Use the Effect with Text

The Many Different Ways to Utilize the Crop Effect in Premiere Pro — Effect with Text

The crop tool can be an extremely stylish way to animate your text. All you need to do is apply the effect to your title and change the position, set your keyframes, and reveal the text at whatever speed fits the current style you’re trying to convey. This does only limit you to the same type of reveal. But if you want to add some movement to your titles and text, this is a quick solution that gives your video more flare.

Throw Up the Split Screen

The Many Different Ways to Utilize the Crop Effect in Premiere Pro — Split Screen

The next obvious effect you can throw on is the split screen. This is as simple as placing two clips on top of each other, then going over to the Effects Control Panel and moving the clip’s position accordingly to fit the center of the frame for each shot. If you want to move the clip over in a smooth way, right-click on the keyframe, hit “Temporal Interpolation,” and hit “Ease In” or “Ease Out.” This will smooth out the overall animation.

Add Spicy Transitions

The Many Different Ways to Utilize the Crop Effect in Premiere Pro — Spicy Transitions

The crop tool can turn your transitions into fun, fast-moving movements with a couple of simple keyframe placements. First, make sure the upcoming clip is atop the tail end of your current clip. Then, add the crop effect to both clips. For the bottom clip, enable the zoom (in the crop effect) then raise the bottom by about 15% with your keyframes set toward the end of the clip. This will stretch out the video downwards. Then for the top clip, animate the bottom from 100% to 0%. This will bring the clip down following the first clip.

Reveal Your Effects

The Many Different Ways to Utilize the Crop Effect in Premiere Pro — Reveal Effects

So this effect is perfect for anybody doing breakdowns of their color grades, effects, shot compositions, or any type of tutorial-based instruction. Basically, however many effects you have applied to your clip, you’ll duplicate the clip X number of times — so if you have four effects, you’ll make four new clips, and they’ll have all the effects applied to them. Then, take one effect off each clip starting from the top. So your original clip should have no effects applied. Then apply the crop effect to each clip and animate any property from 100 to 0, which will cause it to reveal itself. Then copy and duplicate the setting on each clip, and trim it down so your timeline looks like a staircase. This will slowly reveal all the effects you’ve applied.

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