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10 Best Podcasts for Video Production

Brian Mulligan

Podcasts are a great way to learn about video production, post & editing, filmmaking, hardware & software… so listen up!

Recently, I have started to listen to video production and post podcasts during my daily commute because I became tired of the same old radio playlists. So I jumped on iTunes and sifted through the plethora of options and started sampling each one.

I was happy to find many podcasts focusing on video production, that not only explored the tech, but also the art. These podcasts, in my opinion, provide a great mix of information and entertainment.  Now, on to the list…the best podcasts for video production:

1. That Post Show

That Post Show A roundtable discussion with industry experts about the art and science of video, film and post production. The host is Kanen Flowers, who is joined by Zack Arnold, Mike J Nichols, Paul del Vecchio, Patrick Johnson, Scott Simmons, Steve Cohen, and Paul Zadie.  The show will also talk to leading software representatives from Autodesk, Adobe, and Avid  about new release when they debut.  Listening to this podcast is akin to hanging out at the local pub and talking shop. The comments are real, true, and honest.

2. The Digital Convergence Podcast

Digital Convergence Podcast A labor of love for host Carl Olsen. His regular podcast crew employs the talents of Chris Fenwick, and Mitch Aunger of Planet 5D.com. Carl started the podcast to further his own knowledge of the ever changing world of filmmaking and production. The convergence of photography and video through advances in DSLR technology have helped fuel his passion which shows in his conversations in this podcast.  This podcast caters towards the DSLR user who is making that transition into video production, but still enjoyable for those experienced in production

3. The RC Podcast

The rc fxguide The RC podcast is one of several podcasts hosted and produced at FXguide.com.  The RC was originally the Red Centre Podcast, which focused on production using the RED cameras.  VFX notable Mike Seymour is the host and is joined by Jason Wingrove, Tom Gleeson, John Montgomery, and Jeff Heusser.  The RC is the perfect high-end camera tech podcast. Everything from the latest in RED gear, to ARRI, and even the Canon Cinema line can be heard here.

4. The VFX Show

The VFX Show The 2nd podcast from FXguide.  The VFX Show breaks down the good, the bad, and the ugly, from Hollywoods biggest blockbusters. Some of the leading talent in VFX (Matt Leonard, Jason Diamond, Mark Christiansen, Matt Wallin and TyRuben Ellingson) join Mike Seymour and give their take on the ever amazing world of visual effects.  Who else better to critique the effects in a film than the artist themselves.

 5. The FXPodcast

fxguide The original podcast from Fxguide.  It here where founders, John Montgomery, Mike Seymour, and Jeff Heusser talk about anything and everything related to post-production, VFX, and software.  This podcast brings you the movers and shakers in the visual effects industry with discussions with ILM, Rhythm & Hues, & Digital Domain.  The podcast also explores industry news at NAB, Siggraph, and IBC.

6. Moviola – Digital Filmmakers Podcast

Digital Filmmaker Podcast A weekly in-depth conversation with digital filmmakers covering topics related to pre-production, production, and post. They talk workflows, HD, 3D, Stereography, Final Cut, Avid, Compositing, plus much more!  Past guests include industry leaders such as Kevin P McAuliffe, Scott Simmons, Larry Jordan, Philip Hodgetts and Oliver Peters.

7. SpotCast

Spot Cast Ron Small interviews commercial directors and creatives in an effort to demystify commercial production.   This is a very unique take on commercial production, Ron Small is a production Mgr. / Director at Sway productions, so his background and experience takes you up close with some very creative people.  You will never watch a commercial the same way again after listening

8. The Cutting Room

The Cutting Room The Art of the Guillotine podcast.  If you are an editor and you don’t know Art of the Guillotine, then you really need to check out the site. It has load of information and links to everything post-production. The podcasts although short, and always leave you wanting more, are filled with good content and interviews.

9. The Edit Bay

The Edit Bay No longer in production but there are 38 episodes full of timeless and valuable tips and information from a seasoned editor.  Shane Ross is a broadcast television editor who has edit shows for Discovery, History Channel, and more.  He shares his experiences and insights from…the edit bay. Update: Shane Ross tells me that the podcast is just on a long hiatus. He plans on picking it up again.  This is great news for video editors.

10. The Terrance & Philip Show

Terrence-and-Phillip1 Terry Curren and Philip Hodgetts bring their not-politically-correct opinions on Avid, Adobe, Apple, post production, production, distribution and pretty much anything they want to talk about.  Terry Curren is the founder of AlphaDogs a post production company in Burbank, California and Philip Hodgets is an international man of mystery with an opinion on everything, and he’s not afraid to share it.  The duo make a great ying & yang when exploring the zen of post production.

Bonus: Avid Podcasts

Avid Podcast

Avid dishes up several podcasts as a service to their professional video editing user base.  The Avid Media Composer podcast focuses on tips, tricks and tutorials for working in their popular video editing app. Avid Rough Cut podcast features interviews with industry leaders who share their experiences and tips for success. Both podcasts are great resources for the new Avid user or the seasoned pro looking to sharpen their skills.