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Vimeo Launches Built-in Video Review Tools

Michael Maher

Vimeo dives into the competitive workflow collaboration market with new video review features.

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The world of video review is a competitive space where companies like Frame.io and Wipster vie for the loyalty of media pros. Now, Vimeo takes them head on with the announcement of some new collaborative workflow tools.

Vimeo PRO and Vimeo Business members will have the ability to privately share videos with reviewers (even those without a Vimeo account) who can leave time-coded feedback directly in the Vimeo player. There are no extra costs for video review, but the tool is not available to Basic or Plus members.

Vimeo Launches Built-in Video Review Tools
Image via Vimeo

Today’s launch is an exciting step forward in our efforts to build an end-to-end workflow solution for video professionals. Instead of managing endless email chains or paying for costly collaboration software, creators can now incorporate review seamlessly into their workflow as part of their Vimeo PRO and Business membership — for no additional fees. Video collaboration is now easy and affordable, and all on Vimeo. — Anjali Sud, General Manager and Senior Vice President, Creator Platform, Vimeo.

Vimeo Launches Built-in Video Review Tools: Leave Notes and Create To-Do ListsImage via Vimeo

The video review tools include shareable review pages, where users can securely send videos to an unlimited number of reviewers for feedback. Time-coded notes allow reviewers to click on a frame to add details and create a to-do list. Reviewers and creatives can respond to notes in real time, speeding up the entire process. Once finished, users simply publish the video.

You can read more about the new Vimeo Video Review here.

Are you excited to try out Vimeo’s new video review features? Are you loyal to Wipster or Frame.io? What are your favorite workflow collaboration tools? Join the discussion in the comments below.