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10 Podcasts for Cinematographers and Filmmakers

Michael Maher

Looking for something to listen to while you commute between shoots? These podcasts are great for cinematographers and filmmakers alike.

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Do you want to improve your craft by dissecting the work of your peers and coworkers? Looking for inspiration? These ten podcasts on cinematography and filmmaking offer wonderful insight into the industry.

1. The Wandering DP

10 Podcasts for Cinematographers and Filmmakers — Wandering DP

The Wandering DP podcast is arguably the best on this list. It’s a weekly podcast hosted by Patrick O’Sullivan focused on commercial cinematography. It’s a fantastic show absolutely full of information. The site is equally helpful, showing light diagrams, breakdowns, and much more.

10 Podcasts for Cinematographers and Filmmakers — Breakdowns

Image via The Wandering DP.

If you aren’t already a frequent listener, be sure to add this show to your rotation.

The Wandering DP Podcast:

2. Super Secret Filmcast

10 Podcasts for Cinematographers and Filmmakers — Super Secret Filmcast

Evan Bourcier’s Super Secret Filmcast is currently one of the top cinematography podcasts. From big-name guests to the site’s incredibly helpful blog, here you will find all sorts of conversations on commercials and music video production. This is a special place for all the gear heads too.

10 Podcasts for Cinematographers and Filmmakers — Super Film Blog

Super Secret Filmcast:

3. Art vs. Commerce

10 Podcasts for Cinematographers and Filmmakers — Art vs. Commerce

Jared Levy hosts the Art vs. Commerce podcast, or the AVC Pod. The interviews on this podcast discuss guests’ personal histories in cinematography, film production, and filmmaking.

It’s a great look into the lives of cinematographers and how they work to keep their own distinct look — or how to be adaptable to projects that come their way.

Art vs. Commerce Podcast:

4. Cinematography Database

10 Podcasts for Cinematographers and Filmmakers — Cinematography Database

You may already know Matt Workman’s excellent YouTube channel, but Cinematography Database has a Podcast as well. There you will hear from plenty of DPs on the art of filmmaking and their go-to gear.

Cinematography Database:

5. Filmmakers Drinking Bourbon

10 Podcasts for Cinematographers and Filmmakers — Filmmakers Drinking Bourbon

Started by hosts Alexander Elkins and Brandon Faris, Filmmakers Drinking Bourbon is a podcast about filmmaking and video production, all while the hosts discover new bourbons.

This channel is great for diving into specific types of gear, as there are episodes dedicated to equipment like c-stands, camera packages, and much more.

Filmmakers Drinking Bourbon: 

6. Cinematographer’s Insight

10 Podcasts for Cinematographers and Filmmakers — Cinematographer's Insight

Cinematographer’s Insight is a monthly show in which DP and camera operator Rob Ruscher talks with fellow cinematographers and filmmakers. The show covers gear, film theory, running a set, and general business advice.

Cinematographer’s Insight:

7. Shane’s Inner Circle Podcast

10 Podcasts for Cinematographers and Filmmakers — Shane's Inner Circle

Shane Hurlbut, ASC hosts a podcast for members of Shane’s Inner Circle. For non-members, you can purchase individual SIC Podcast episodes from his website.

These are in-depth episodes on specific topics like lighting, camera profiles, or color grading.

Shane’s Inner Circle Podcast:

8. Respect the Process

10 Podcasts for Cinematographers and Filmmakers — Respect the Process

In Jordan Brady’s Respect the Process podcast, you’ll hear from cinematographers sharing insight on creating their own aesthetic, avoiding burnout, commercial production, and breaking in to Hollywood.

Respect the Process:

9. Good. the Podcast

10 Podcasts for Cinematographers and Filmmakers — Good

Good the Podcast covers much more than just cinematography. Christian Schulz and Jared Hogan host the show and put on what they call “a pretty good podcast about really good films and filmmakers.” It offers a look at people behind a variety of filmmaking roles like directors, art directors, and cinematographers.

Good the Podcast: 

10. Go Creative Show

10 Podcasts for Cinematographers and Filmmakers — Go Creative Show

The Go Creative Show with Ben Consoli is another solid podcast that covers much more than cinematography. Here, you will learn from the DPs behind shows like Breaking Bad and Boardwalk Empire, but you will also hear from authors, lighting directors, and other creative professionals in film, television, and music.

Go Creative Show:

Want more helpful resources on filmmaking? Check out these fantastic blogs, sites, YouTube and Vimeo channels.

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