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Video Tutorial: 4 Great Knots Every Filmmaker Must Know

Mark Vargo, ASC

Even the newest filmmaking technology relies on the oldest. Learn how to tie these four essential knots.

Film production is a fascinating dichotomy of digital technology and the art of tying 5,000-year-old knots. Isn’t filmmaking fantastic?

We embrace new technology only if it’s better than what we already use — and if it makes financial sense. Most “on set” technicians will know if a new “great” thing will help the equipment team after just a few hours of use. We want time-tested technology that works and is hard to replace. Knots fall into this category, and filmmakers on sets all over the world use them every day. They’re also free!

In the following video tutorial, I’ll detail four essential knots that everyone should learn. Connect with antiquity and improve your work on set without spending a dollar.

Here are the four essential knots we will be covering:

  1. The Bowline
  2. The Clove Hitch
  3. The Double Sheet Bend
  4. The Trucker’s Hitch

Let’s get started.

Which knots do you rely on? Let us know in the comments.

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