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Grip Tricks: Creating Do-It-Yourself Camera Rigs

Mark Vargo, ASC

Tired of renting or buying pre-built rigs? Start creating your own custom camera rigs just like the pros.

One of the biggest drains on a shooting budget is renting specialized equipment for just one of your shots. Creating your own rigs saves you money while building out your own rig set — which you can use on future shoots. In this video, we are going to explore some rigs you can create with a few simple tools.

Door Shot Rig

Grip Tricks: Creating Do-It-Yourself Camera Rigs — Door Shot Rig

This rig is great for capturing a creative door-opening shot that’s sure to up the production value of your next video.

The Build:

  • Camera screw
  • C-Stand knuckle
  • Baby-pin
  • Clamp
  • Home-built dual camera plate (see video for description and specs)

Wooden Plate Rig

Grip Tricks: Creating Do-It-Yourself Camera Rigs — Wooden Plate Rig

This rig really comes in handy when trying to get stable shots that a tripod can’t pull off.

The Build:

  • Baby plate
  • C-Stand knuckle
  • Tripod head
  • Baby pin
  • Wooden plate
  • 4 screws

C-Stand Rig

Grip Tricks: Creating Do-It-Yourself Camera Rigs — C-Stand Rig

Need a shot from a higher vantage point than your tripod can reach? Use a C-Stand to prop up that camera to a surprising height. Make sure to weigh it down with sandbags to keep it secure.

The Build:

  • C-Stand
  • C-Stand knuckle
  • Baby pin
  • Camera

Swiffer Rig

Grip Tricks: Creating Do-It-Yourself Camera Rigs — Swiffer Rig

This is one of the more creative rigs I’ve come up with to get a shot. It’s great for a smooth and crisp pet-chase POV shot.

The Build:

  • Swiffer
  • Bolt with camera-size thread (1/4-20)
  • Drill
  • Nut

Drill a hole in the swiffer. Bring the bolt through the hole and tighten with the nut.

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