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The 5 Best Sliders to Pair with Mirrorless Video Cameras

Jourdan Aldredge

Looking to add smooth, cinematic motion to your videos? Here are 5 of the best options to pair with your mirrorless camera.

If I had to rank my favorite camera moves, I’d probably have to list the slowly moving camera slide (or dolly) as my favorite. It can be such a powerful effect, and it can transform even the most boring shots into something much more cinematic.

If you’re working with a mirrorless camera and looking to upgrade your cinematography, a reliable slider can be a great investment for adding smooth motion — for a variety of shots.

And while you can always create a DIY slider for a weekend project, or look into heavy-duty cinema, camera-level offerings, let’s review some other options to pair with your mirrorless camera.

1. edelkrone SliderONE v2

The Five Best Sliders to Partner with Mirrorless Video Cameras - edelkrone

Image via B&H.

The edelkrone SliderONE v2 is one of the smallest, most compact sliders out there, but it’s surprisingly great for those minor camera moves — which can be very cinematic and powerful. At 10.6 inches long (with 7.9 inches of travel space), the SliderONE v2 is compact, easy to move, and easy to set up in a variety of spaces.

It’s also capable of vertical moves at ninety degrees (but only with rigs up to five pounds). I highly recommend combining it with edelkrone’s app (Android and iOS), so you can use your smartphone as a monitor for setting up time-lapse and stop motion effects.

  • Compact motorized slider with backlash-free gears
  • Supports up to 20 lbs. horizontally
  • Increased vertical support of up to 5 lbs. at 90°
  • Improved, steadier speed control throughout the slider
  • Quieter operation with step motor driver design
  • Connects wirelessly to HeadONE and HeadPLUS components
  • LANC port for remote camera control
  • 7.9″ of camera travel, 10.6″ total length
  • iOS and Android control app with time-lapse and stop-motion effects
  • 2.5 mm shutter trigger socket
  • 3/8″-16 camera and tripod threads
  • Robust aluminum and stainless steel build
  • Uses widely available LP-E6-type batteries
  • Built-in Wi-Fi module for future updates

Price: $499

2. Rhino RŌV PRO Traveler

The Five Best Sliders to Partner with Mirrorless Video Cameras - Rhino

Image via B&H.

The RŌV PRO Traveler is a bit longer but also a solid lightweight option at 16-inches of movement (25-inches actual length). The RŌV PRO Traveler (like its name implies) is great for travel and run-and-gun videography, with folding all-terrain legs and a handy quick release ball head carriage — perfect for supporting a mirrorless camera and rig up to five pounds.

It also features wireless smartphone connectivity, with its iOS Bluetooth app for controlling its motorized movements — great for time-lapses and slow, cinematic slides.

  • Lightweight, portable slider supports up to 5-lb. cameras
  • 25″ track length, 16″ travel distance
  • Motorized control via free, downloadable iOS app
  • Use with a separately available shutter-release cable to create time-lapse moves
  • Create cinematic looks with the included variable ND filter
  • Integrated battery provides motion for up to 24 hours
  • Carriage with built-in ball head
  • Folding all-terrain legs
  • Belt tension can be adjusted with a 1.5 mm Allen key
  • Includes a smartphone mount
  • Durable aluminum build

Price: $400

3. iFootage Shark Slider S1 Bundle

The Five Best Sliders to Partner with Mirrorless Video Cameras - iFootage

Image via B&H.

The iFootage Carbon Fiber Shark Slider S1 is a full bundle that includes extension rails and a much longer, more durable drive belt. The Shark Slider S1 by itself (which includes the flywheel) is 31-inches long (with 25-inches of sliding length) — although with the extension rails, it can reach 47-inches.

This modular slider can handle fifteen pounds — perfect for mirrorless, DSLR, or even small cine cameras and rigs. The S1 can partner with several wireless motion controllers, as well as the Motion X2 system, for a full 360-degree range of capture.

  • 31″ slider + extension rails and longer drive belt
  • 47″ total sliding length
  • Flywheel
  • 11 lb payload (15 lb without extension)
  • 1/4″-20 and 3/8″-16 tripod mount holes
  • Includes padded carrying bag

Price: $638

4. A&J PRO Moving Dolly Track Camera Slider

The Five Best Sliders to Partner with Mirrorless Video Cameras - A&J Pro

Image via B&H.

The A&J Moving Dolly Track Camera Slider is one of the longest, most durable sliders on our list. With up to 40-inches of travel space (39.4-inches to be exact), this option features adjustable feet, wheels for tracking and free-form shots, and five tripod mounting positions.

It also offers up to 22 lbs. of payload support. So if you’re pushing a heavy-duty mirrorless camera and rig, this is one of the sturdier options. It also has a very smooth glide with its roller bearing track. However, it’s a little less run-and-gun and better for when you have time to really set your cinematic shots.

  • The track bed features five distinct 1/4″-20 and 3/8″-16 threaded tripod mounting holes, allowing you to mount the slider onto a tripod, then use the head to create shots that can vary from horizontal to vertical.
  • The feet enable you to set up the slider track on a surface; you can adjust the height of each foot to level the track.
  • The wheels are removable from the track, and you can use them to create curved moves on a flat, smooth surface.
  • The carriage features a 1/4″-20 threaded stud for mounting your camera directly to the carriage. You can also mount a ball head, or use the included 1/4″-20 to 3/8″-16 bushing for mounting larger accessories to the carriage.
  • The carriage also incorporates a bubble level and two each 1/4″-20 and 3/8″-16 threaded accessory mounting holes.

Price: $109

5. Sevenoak Time-Lapse Slider

The Five Best Sliders to Partner with Mirrorless Video Cameras - Sevenoak

Image via Sevenoak.

One of the high-end options to consider is the Sevenoak Time-Lapse Slider. This motorized, belt-driven slider can work with cameras and rigs up to 22 lbs. (and even up to 8.8 lbs when used vertically). The track has 31.5-inches of travel space.

The motorized drive is perfect for cinematic time-lapses and tightly controlled motion. All of which you can access from a smartphone with a downloadable iOS device or a 2.4GHz remote control.

  • Adjustable feet mount to the end of the track, for use when using the slider directly on relatively flat surfaces. The carriage incorporates a bubble level to help you balance the slider. The removable motor supports time-lapse, motion control, and stop motion via the included remote control, or by a downloadable app for iOS devices.
  • Tripod mountable, or set up on a flat surface
  • Adjustable legs allow you to level the slider on uneven surfaces
  • Controllable by included 2.4 GHz remote control or via Bluetooth by the downloadable iOS app
  • Programmable functions, including camera control with appropriate cable

Price: $629

Cover image by Jan Faukner.

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