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5 Sites for Free Video Editing and Motion Design Elements

Clay Asbury

Check out these useful sites that offer free design elements for creative content creators – high quality vector images, textures, fonts and 3D models!

As video editors and motion designers, we’re constantly looking for cost effective ways to add extra ‘oomph’ to our projects. The following resources offer FREE design elements that can give your project a very custom, high end feel. Whether you’re using Photoshop, After Effects, or simply building your text and graphics in a video editing app, bookmark these sites and use them to build up your personal library of design elements!

1. Lost & Taken

Lost and Taken

Caleb Kimbrough offers a wonderfully useful selection of free textures for use in video and motion graphics. If your looking for that vintage vibe and pretty textures, this is the place for you. They include grunge, watercolorvintage film, to vintage paper. Most of them are 4000 x 3000, which give you a lot of flexibility when using them in 720 or 1080 projects.

He also sells a collection of 430 textures for $29, which is a steal and a nice way to help support the site.

Example of a subtle grunge texture:
Video Editing Grunge

Textures with masks and blending modes in After Effects:

2. VectorStock


Although VectorStock is primarily a paid image library, they offer a ton of freebies that are super useful for video editing and motion design. Backgrounds, grunge elements, filmstrips, paint splatters make up the 100’s of free stock design elements on the site. Best of all they’re vectors, so you can scale them up or down in your image or motion design application (like After Effects) without any degradation of the quality.

Free Vector Files

3.  PixelLab

Pixel Lab

PixelLab makes 3D Models for Cinema 4D & Video Copilot’s Element 3D plugin for After Effects. They offer a bunch of useful free 3D models (skateboard, cameras, retro television) that will work in the full version of Cinema 4D or free Cineware version (comes with After Effects CC).

Free Cinema 4D Models

4. Free Typography

Free Fonts for Video Editors

Free Typography offers free, design friendly fonts. They have useful descriptions of each font and helpful examples of how to use the fonts. These free fonts can be used in an graphics or video editing app and are perfect for creatives on a budget.

If you’re looking for more free fonts check out our previous post “8 Free Font Resources! Add A Unique Text Look To Your Video Projects

Free Fonts

5. BittBox


Bittbox offers free textures, brushes, fonts, and vector art. Lots of useful stuff here, with each category listed on the right side of the page. Really nice, high quality graphic elements. If you use a lot of their elements in your projects, maybe consider donating a few bucks to show your support.

Free Brushes and Design Elements