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7 More YouTube Channels for Filmmakers and Videographers

Logan Baker

These must-follow YouTube channels for filmmakers and videographers are loaded full of practical tips, tricks, and techniques. Subscribe to them today!

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In our mission to shine a light on resources for film and video creatives, we’re always looking for YouTube and Vimeo channels to share with our readers. Good news — we found a few more!

These YouTube channels for filmmakers and videographers are perfect for anyone involved in video and film production/editing. From insightful interviews to hands-on tutorials and walkthroughs, these channels will help you on your path to creative glory.

Cinematography Database

Matt Workman just might be your new filmmaking best friend. He’s got seriously pro tips on subjects like cinematography, editing, and writing. His comfort with the craft is obvious as he walks viewers through significant shots from modern films and demonstrates lighting techniques with drawings and simple explanations. Not only is Workman’s channel entertaining and engaging, his podcast is worth your time too.

Cooke Optics TV

Operating on a much different level than the other channels featured on this list, Cooke Optics focuses on interviews with masters in the field. Inspiring and informative, these videos explain exactly how cinematographers and directors shoot certain scenes, whether they be in a commercial or a feature film. Priceless insight indeed.

Luke Seerveld

A relatively new and unknown channel for most, Luke Seerveld’s Meet the Gaffer video series is one-of-a-kind when it comes to production tutorials. This experienced production guru covers everything from creating gels to working with scenery and props. For anyone actually working in production (or looking to soon break in), this channel is a must.

Ugly McGregor

PremiumBeat’s own Lewis McGregor has a masterful YouTube channel. The personal touch found in his how-to presentations draws you in, and the inclusion of his own work in his demonstrations adds a level of professionalism not often found in the realm of video tutorials. McGregor’s one to watch, for sure.


David F. Sandberg, most recently known for the smash horror film Lights Out, has crafted a fun and extremely interesting look into the current state of filmmaking. One of the biggest benefits of this channel: The fact that its creator is an actual Hollywood filmmaker. He’s even included a few behind-the-scenes videos of his current work (that are only available on his channel). His input and knowledge of filmmaking is as solid as it comes.


Yours truly! What are you looking for? Video editing tips? Software knowledge? Lighting tricks? Cinematography techniques? We’ve got what you seek and plenty more. We work hard to make sure our YouTube channel is worth following. From pre-production to post, we’re always looking for new info to share.

Sam and Niko

Existing as a secondary channel to the extraordinary Corridor Digital channel, Sam and Niko operates as a daily vlog channel, offering up behind-the-scenes content that often dives into the complex shots found in their viral effects-driven videos. This channel is perfect for anybody interested in producing online content as well as visual effect artists.

Got any other YouTube filmmaking channels that you watch on a daily basis? Share them in the comments below!