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After Effects Video Tutorial: 3D Corner Text

Evan Abrams

In this Premiumbeat exclusive tutorial we show you how to animate 3D text around corners in Adobe After Effects.

Adobe After Effects

Follow the technique in this After Effects tutorial to animate text around the edges of a 3D object. The tutorial covers:

  • 3D Anchor Points
  • Easy-Ease Keyframes
  • Key-framing Cameras
  • Snapping Vertexes Together

This After Effects tutorial specifically covers 3D corner text but there are a lot of potential uses for applying anchor points in 3D space. For example, using particle generators or Element 3D to accompany the text can add further stylization than simply having text and a background.

More of a reader than a watcher? Follow along with the step-by-step tutorial below. Click any image for larger view. 

1 Create a new composition with a null object, 50mm camera, and a point light with shadows.
2 Parent the light to the camera and set the position of the light to match that of the camera.
3 Create a new 3D text layer.
4 Use the pan behind tool to move the anchor point of the text to the bottom corner of the text.
5 Set keyframes to have the text scale up from zero over the course of 10 frames.
6 Move the text layer in front of the null object in 3D space.
7 Move the text layer in front of the null object in 3D space.
8 Duplicate the text layer and move it to the end of the 3D text. You can rotate the text to make an edge.
9 Set Position and rotation keyframes to the end of the text 1 animation. Move text 2 to begin animating at the end of text 1.
10 Rotate the null object to show text 2 animating on.
11 Duplicate text 2 and rotate 90 degrees over the x-axis. Holding down control you can move the text to snap in to place at the vertex of text 2 and text 1.
12 Push text 3 back to begin after text 2 has animated. Set keyframes on the null object to move to the text.

Have any other tips for using 3D corner text? Share in the comments below.