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After Effects Video Tutorial: Character Rigging

Evan Abrams

Learn how to rig a character using expressions and parenting in this After Effects video tutorial.

On top of being a fantastic program for creating VFX, After Effects allows users to animate cartoon style characters with ease. Tools like parenting and expression controllers make rigging and animating characters easy to create.

In the following exclusive video tutorial we will demonstrate some basic character rigging in After Effects. The tutorial covers:

  • Character Animation
  • Inverse Kinematics
  • Setting up designs in Illustrator
  • Layer size vs. Document size
  • Parenting

Setting up expressions and parameters is really important when working with a cartoon character. If you aren’t careful, you can create a very messy and disorganized project. If you are interested in diving into character animation check out our earlier post on the 12 principles of animation.

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Have any questions? Know of a better way to set up inverse kinematics? Share in the comments below.