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Roundup: The Best Office Chairs for Video Editing

Let’s face it, we’re doing a lot of sitting—at home “editing bay,” checking our social feed, gaming. So, get the right chair for the job.

This is a subject I never thought I’d cover for this blog. However, our current circumstances have lead most of the world to work from home.

So, upgrading your seat might be one of the best things you can do to adjust to your new workspace.

Man works at his office desk at home
Working from home should be a comfortable experience. Image via LStockStudio.

When the mandatory work from home orders came down, I turned our guest bedroom into a home office. I already had a desk, but I didn’t have anything that resembled a regular office chair.

I went for the antique chair—given to me by my parents ages ago—that had never seen any actual usage. And, for about the first hour, it sufficed. However, as the day wore on, everything about it began to tear away my mental stability. The creaks that accompanied every slight adjustment, the complete lack of proper lumbar support, the unforgiving wooden base—devoid of cushion—made me realize that a new work chair was necessary. ASAP!

I decided there might be others like me—editing, typing, gaming for more extended periods than usual at their home desks—looking to give their posteriors a much-needed break. So, I researched the best office chairs for working from home and am passing along what I learned.

Okay, then. Let’s talk chairs.

Affordable Comfort: Amazon Basics High-Back Executive Swivel Office Desk Chair – $107

AmazonBasics high back swivel office chair in white
Image via Amazon.

This is the route I went, and the price was a factor—as I imagine it is for you, too. It has a good feel, the angles of the armrests are perfect for me, and it has adjustable height and lumbar support.

The bonded leather cushion is exceptionally comfortable, but this chair does tend to run hot, as it doesn’t have a breathable back and absorbs all of your body heat.

It has smooth movement, and the assembly took me all of twenty minutes—the directions were straightforward to follow.

For about $100, this chair is an excellent option.

Affordable Comfort: Sytas Office Chair Ergonomic Desk Chair – $84.99

Sytas ergonomic desk chair in white with black mesh
Image via Amazon.

Cheap doesn’t always mean bad. This office chair by Sytas is a fantastic option for anyone who needs something that isn’t too big or wide, but also comfortable and simple.

Featuring an ergonomic backrest design with nylon woven mesh material to keep you cool and supported, armrests that can be flipped up 90° when not in use, and built-in lumbar support, it ticks all the boxes for an office chair for me.

As for build quality (based on Amazon reviews), it’s solid and easy to build. The chair also comes in two color options (black and white) to match your desk or room aesthetic.

This is an excellent option if you need something small and simple, with basic primary features like lumbar support and flippable armrests at a low price.

Stylish Affordability: IKEA MARKUS – $249.99

IKEA MARKUS office chair in black
Image via IKEA.

Ah, IKEA. We all love IKEA. Well, the IKEA MARKUS office chair not only has minimalistic good looks, but a reasonable price, and is highly-rated within the office chair world.

Yes, it doesn’t have a wide variety of adjustable features like most in its price range. Still, the build quality, simplistic look, and comfort for taller people (I’m around 6′ 1″) with its high back is perfect for long editing sessions or a busy day at the desk.

The breathable mesh backing is fantastic for keeping you cool and supported. It also features built-in lumbar support to ensure correct posture and alleviate any back tension.

The chair also comes in four different colors and a ten-year warranty, making this a solid desk chair with style, value for your money, and posture support.

Stylish Affordability: SOHO Ribbed Management Office Chair – $300

SOHO Ribbed Management office chair in brown
Image via Laura.

It’s hard for me to recommend an office chair when it costs around $300, but when you start to research these chairs, you realize they can get expensive. A majority of them are.

This is a sleek chair that might be an excellent option for you if you don’t want your home office to have an intolerable eye-sore sitting behind your desk. (It might even tie the room together.) Not only is this chair stylish, it’s also quite comfortable. Still, I prefer a chair with a high back for working long hours.

Best Gaming Chair: Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 – $549

The Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 is the top dog for gaming chairs. Looks, comfort, support, and premium materials are the whole package (if you’re a fan of this chair style).

Secretlab's TITAN Evo 2022 desk chair in black
Image via Secretlab.

The TITAN Evo 2022 comes in three different sizes—small, regular, and extra-large. It’s nice to see the company offering sizing options to the market since most gaming chairs will only come in one size, which can be a problem for some people who need something smaller or larger than what they’re currently using.

Magnets attach the super-soft head cushion instead of straps, which is a super simple idea but also useful if you need to remove or attach it back on at a later date (I seriously hate fiddling with straps!).

The armrests are also magnetic with super easy instillation and removal. Plus, Secretlab integrated 4D movement into its armrests, meaning they can move up, down, forwards, backwards, and side-to-side. They rotate, which is perfect for any desk setup.

Not only does it come in a basic black, but Secretlab is known for its multitude of different themed chairs based on games, movies, and colors.

If you’re a fan of racing-style seats and want all the bells and whistles for a chair, but don’t mind paying the premium price, there’s no other choice than the TITAN Evo 2022.

Comfort over Cost: Steelcase Leap – $1,037.00

Steelcase Leap office chair in maroon
Image via Steelcase.

Another recommendation is the Steelcase Leap. The Leap has a traditional, classic office chair style and comes in a range of colors, giving you options to fit within your desk setup.

It also uses something called “LiveBack” which means the back of the chair itself will constantly change shape to fit your position in the chair, making sure you have continuous lower-back support and your spine is in a natural S-shape for excellent support.

Comfort over Cost: HermanMiller Aeron Chair – $1,645

HermanMiller Aeron chair in gray
Image via HermanMiller.

I’ve never had the chance to glide around in this incredible office chair (which costs over a thousand bucks), but I’d love to. Actually, at the time of this post, some websites are offering this chair at 50% off. So, if you’ve been tossing around the idea of a significant investment in your home office, this might be your chance.

This chair has excellent reviews, critics highly tout it, and it’s the type of chair that makes sitting the least of your worries. Ergonomic, good for posture, comfortable, and adjustable in every single way (which you’d hope for in a chair that usually costs a grand).

The other nice thing about this chair is that it has a mesh backing, so it keeps you cool while you pound away at the keyboard.

Stylish and Expensive: Humanscale Freedom Headrest – $1,499

Humanscale Freedom Headrest office chair in black
Image via Humanscale.

If money had been no object in my quest to replace the antique chair in my office, this is the chair I would’ve bought. It has a stunning design and peak comfort, and the chair will adjust its recline function to each sitter.

It starts at $1,499 before you decide to add any accessories—like the $73 coat hanger. Usually, I’d make a smug or jealous comment here, roasting Humanscale for their over-the-top poshness by listing this chair’s designer, Niels Diffrient, as if it was Paris Fashion Week.

But no, this chair is phenomenal. Even The New York Times has called this chair “the gold standard in office seating.”

Hats off to you, Niels.

Ball Chairs: Vivora Luno Sitting Ball Chair – $49

Vivora Luno Sitting Ball chair in gray
Image via Vivora.

The ball chair movement has never really intrigued me, but some swear by it. Ball chairs are meant to promote good posture, activate your core muscles, and make you look ridiculous—all at the same time. Made by Vivora Luno, the balls are aesthetically a league above the competition.

They include a handle (making them easier to relocate) and have almost flawless reviews. Bounce the day away in your home office with one of these stylish balls and gain some positive health benefits, as well.

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