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Concept Art: The Apple Drone

File this under: Things we didn’t even know we wanted. German graphic designer Eric Huismann got some attention this week after releasing concept art for a sleek Apple drone.

All images from quadrocopter.org

Between Amazon’s delivery bots and Zuckerberg’s fleet of flying Facebook machines, tech companies are finding reasons to get into the drone business. That’s why it was really no surprise when images of a new Apple Quadcopter started making their way around the web this week.

apple drone flying

Of course,  the concept art didn’t come from Apple. Rather, they were the work of German graphic designer Eric HuismannHuismann certainly captured the curves and elegant style that the public expects from Apple’s design team, but the mocked-up machine has more than good looks.

apple drone camHuismann’s quadcopter concept comes with four video cameras that can record in concert, capturing and streaming real-time HD panoramic footage from high in the air. Considering YouTube and Facebook’s recent embrace of 360 degree video, this iDrone’s multi-camera design makes perfect sense.apple drone panoramaUnfortunately, fans of Apple gear will just have to settle for the Apple Watch and new MacBook, since, again, this is just a concept. Nonetheless, we’ll keep our eyes on the Cupertino skies and hope that Tim Cook decides to take Apple in a new high-flying direction.

apple drone shareHow long would you wait in line at the Apple Store to score an iDrone? What concepts would you like to see Apple explore in the future? Let us know in the comments below.