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Explore the Hip-Hop Sounds of PremiumBeat’s Own Vincent Tone

As Ruffsound, Marc Vincent is a force in Quebec hip hop and global pop. As Vincent Tone, he makes real music for real stories as a top PremiumBeat musician.

Music was a constant in Marc Vincent’s childhood Montreal home, thanks to his mother. Her collection of vinyl — funk, rock, classical, you name it — was his first exposure to the diverse sounds that helped him become who is. So, who is he?

Marc Vincent is Ruffsound.

Ruffsound is a mover/shaker/beat-maker in the Quebec music scene who’s worked with French-Canadian luminaries like hip-hop sensation Loud and acclaimed singer-songwriter Coeur de Pirate. He’s also a sought-after pop collaborator who has partnered with international chart-toppers like Dua Lipa and BLACKPINK.

Marc Vincent is Vincent Tone.

Vincent Tone is a top contributor to PremiumBeat, and the first subject of our new Signature Series, in which we showcase the talents of the people behind the sounds that help you tell your stories.

Exploring Vincent Tone’s Royalty-Free Music 

The musical output of Ruffsound and Vincent Tone both share a fearless embrace of ear-worm hooks, an impossible-to-fake authenticity, and a willingness to produce tracks that defy categorization.

Musical influences mingle and genres mix in rich original melodies, all of it built upon sturdy, steady beats. You can hear the diversity of his mother’s record collection — and his own stash of 5,000+ albums — in every song, and every creative choice is guided by a taste-making, curatorial sensibility. Simply put, Vincent Tone creates art. As he told La Presse, “For me, it’s not a science, there is no recipe, it’s inspiration.”

Noteworthy Tracks

Vincent Tone’s work for PremiumBeat is a go-to for creators the world over who demand songs that sounds like now. This music is rousing. It’s uplifting, modern, and smart. It’s legit.

The song “The Path to Abundance” pulses along with urgency. Dignified piano weighs in beneath an almost tropical beat as the synth shimmers above it all euphorically. This song would work as well as a sunset festival closer as it would over the closing credits of an indie film.

Success Story” pops along to the sound of clapping hands before an airtight guitar pattern places the song in the same danceable sentence as some of the most popular Phoenix and Daft Punk tracks. The song “Climax” does exactly that — it climbs. It builds. It rises. It’s the sound of standing tall and moving forward.

Elevate Your Work with the Soaring Hip-Pop Vibes of Vincent Tone 

There’s a reason Vincent Tone is the first star of our Signature Series. It’s the same reason he’s one of our most popular artists. Vincent Tone makes real art — real music that pulses with life.

If your project demands good vibes and a spirit of can-do celebration, Vincent Tone’s music will get you there. His carefree cuts are perfect for lifestyle and travel vlogs, corporate presentations, and fun product campaigns. If your story is a positive one, make Vincent Tone’s music the core of your soundtrack.

Explore some of Vincent Tone’s most popular tracks in the curated playlist below. The mix is packed with stylish tracks that move beyond what most think when they hear the term “royalty-free,” and each is available in perpetuity with a simple $49 Standard License.

Collaborate with Vincent Tone
Collaborate with Vincent Tone
Complement your creative vision with Vincent Tone's world-class tracks.
  • Climax
  • Bright and uplifting, featuring shimmering rhythmic guitar, elevating piano chords, vocal samples, and epic drums that create a proud, soaring mood.
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  • The Urge to Win
  • Warm and inspirational, featuring rhythmic guitar, strong piano chords, glittering bells, and stadium-like drums building to a proud, soaring mood.
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