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Killer Creative Insight from PremiumBeat Pro Vincent Tone

Get inspired and find your flow with a few pearls of creative wisdom from pro musician Vincent Tone.

You’re a filmmaker or videographer or editor or writer or all of them all at once. If you’re anything like us, you’re at least a couple of them, depending on the day. Maybe you’ve been grinding for years, or perhaps you’re just getting started.

Whatever your role and regardless of where you’re at in your creative journey, you’re certainly already aware that inspiration comes in myriad forms — a sunset, a smell, the sound of a distant siren. Even more likely is finding inspiration in the form of someone just like you, a fellow creator who’s dedicated to making it all work by doing it their own way and never looking back — someone like Vincent Tone, the star of our first Signature Series spotlight.

Vincent Tone’s career is marked by hard-fought lessons and hustle-based know-how. Check out what he’s got to say about the milestones he encountered along his path  — odds are, that path is a lot like yours, and his insights just might be exactly what you need to hear right now.

1. Turn Passion into Opportunity

“Maybe that’s what I’ll do with my life.”

Creative Insight from Vincent ToneMarc Vincent (aka Vincent Tone) got into rap and hip hop as a teenager in Montreal. When his high-school friend introduced him to the music production software Frooty Loops, Vincent saw an opportunity to transform his relationship with music. With some experimentation and enthusiasm, and even with no formal training, Vincent evolved from simple listener to maker. He started creating the kind of sounds he loved — and people noticed.

Keep your camera close. Keep revising that script. Dig deeper into your NLE. Look for opportunities to show off your work. When Vincent took his new beats to school, the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Soon, his friends were buying and rapping over his beats. With a little hustle, Marc Vincent, teenage rap fan, became Marc Vincent, pro beat-maker. And he never looked back.

2. Turn Vision into Community

“It’s really important to collaborate.”

The filmmaking world is full of examples that prove Vincent Tone’s belief that collaboration with like-minded artists is vital and can lead to great results. Think Scorsese and his longtime editor Thelma Schoonmaker, or the soundtrack magic created by partners Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross.

Of course, collaborating isn’t about surrounding yourself with yes-men. It’s not even just about working together. It’s about learning from people who share your vision and challenge you as much as they believe in you.

So, hit up your local film festival and make some friends and connections. Build a crew from your social and professional networks. Direct here, hold the boom there, just stay active and lend your time and energy to your fellow film and video makers. Before too long, you’ll find people who love and want the same things you do. Keep them close.

3. Master the Flow

“When we’re in the studio, and everything starts sticking together — it’s just a feeling”

That feeling. When everything is falling into place, and your vision pulses and explodes and takes on a life of its own. When the story you were pushing starts pulling you to places you hadn’t yet imagined. It’s a mystical thing, and it doesn’t happen by accident — it happens because of sweet, sweet flow.

The flow consumes you. You’ll know you’re in the flow when work starts feeling like playtime, and there’s nothing in the world that can pull you away from your project. You’re doing what you love and you’re not thinking about deadlines, budgets, or even the final product. Time slips away, and there’s nothing but now.

There’s process, and then there’s flow. Process is a checklist. Flow is meditation. It takes practice, discipline, and ultimate focus. Leave your phone in the other room and settle in. Remove distractions. Make sure everything you need is literally at hand, and know your intentions as much as you know your hot keys.

Every move you make within the flow is one move closer to your final vision. The world will still be here when you finally look up, so get zen and go deep. The flow is the finest experience a creative can have. Except maybe for:

4. Success: Own It

“It’s pretty much the best feeling, to have people connect with your sound, feeling it the way you feel it.”

You’ve embraced your passion and turned it into something more. You’ve hustled and collaborated and you’ve truly mastered the flow. And now, you’re done. (For now.)

How do you define success? What reward do you seek? Are success and reward the same thing to you? Don’t overthink it.

For Vincent Tone, success was selling beats at school. Success was hearing his music on the radio for the first time. His greatest reward is the connection listeners feel with his art — outside of a classroom, up and down the dial, and losing their minds at a live show.

Whatever long-term emotional, financial, and creative goals you have, own your accomplishments as you knock them down. While your next corporate video might not be the masterpiece that defines you as an artist, it will certainly be meaningful to your journey. If you keep grinding and learning, every project will be better than the last. Every project will strengthen your voice, firm up your understanding of storytelling, tighten up your technique, and flesh out your all-encompassing vision. Be proud of what you’ve done. It matters. Own it, and own it hard.

Think about it — everyone’s got an idea for a movie, a novel, a concept album, an app, a game, whatever. But you did it, and now you know something that most people don’t: Those who make their ideas come to life and their dreams come true have one thing in common — they put their butt in the chair, went head down, and didn’t stop until their vision became reality. It ain’t easy. But they did it. Sounds like success to us.

Now, on to the next one, yeah?

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