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New From PremiumBeat: Free Music

We’re thrilled to announce a brand-new resource for content creators like yourself: Free music! Here’s everything you need to know.

You read that correctly — it’s now 100% free to license some of PremiumBeat’s top royalty-free tracks. It’s never been easier and more affordable to get atmospheric background music for your short film, create a podcast soundtrack, or download a song for your presentation.

Our diverse selection of free music includes almost every mood and genre, all of them perfect for making your project shine. Use free classical pieces to give your scenes an air of sophistication. Cut your chase scenes to rock tracks to give them more energy. Download free folk songs to add authenticity to your documentary. Whatever your project, PremiumBeat’s free music is a shortcut to elevated production value.

The Hassle-Free Way to Explore and License Free Music

Because we know it’s important for you to focus on what matters — your creative vision — we’ve made discovering and licensing free music fast and easy. With just a few quick clicks, you’ll have free tracks from award-winning international artists at your disposal.

Two Ways to Search for Free Tracks

Search our library as you would normally — you’ll see free tracks included in your results that you can instantly add to your cart. Or, even better, harness the power of PremiumBeat’s Advanced Search capabilities to search exclusively for free tracks. Just apply the “Free Tracks Only” filter. Finding free music is that simple.

New From PremiumBeat: Free Music! — Free Music for Streaming

Download Free Tracks in an Instant

Licensing and downloading your free tracks is also a breeze. Just sign in to your account, or create one one if you haven’t already. Then, go through the standard checkout steps — don’t worry, the free music in your cart will cost you nothing. You don’t even have to add a credit card. Finally, download the license and the track and you’re good to go! You can use your new free tracks for all of your personal and commercial projects in perpetuity, courtesy of your friends and creative partners at PremiumBeat.

Putting Your Free Music to Use

Videos, films, vlogs, apps, games, presentations, podcasts — content comes in all shapes and sizes these days. That means there are an almost infinite number of ways you can use free royalty-free music. Let’s look at a few of them.

Use Free Tracks for Background Music

Thoughtfully applied background music is an emotional extension of your project’s purpose, style, and even its message. Background music can complement the pacing of dialogue in documentaries. It can raise the stakes in action-film stunt sequences, and add a slick, professional sheen to to your Twitch stream. And then there’s perhaps the ultimate application of background music — keeping on-hold callers on the line! At the end of the day, using royalty-free tracks in the background of your project creates atmosphere, emotion, and ambiance while highlighting whatever it is your are trying to communicate.

New From PremiumBeat: Free Music! — Free Music for Podcasts

Use Free Tracks for Podcasts

While podcast soundtracks still live in the realm of background music, it can be argued that podcast music works more to support the project’s message rather than highlight it. The message comes first, so the music is dialed back, existing to fill the silence between lines of dialogue rather than compete with it. With so many podcasts competing for so many ears, a good soundtrack should speak to the distinct character and topic of your podcast, alerting the listener to the emotional journey they’re about to undertake. It’s vital to start each episode with the same intro music, an audio logo that acts as a musical signature. That’s a Branding 101 approach that can go a long way toward building a loyal audience.

New From PremiumBeat: Free Music! — Free Music for Presentations

Use Free Tracks for Presentations

Obvious statement: professional presentations need to be professional. Stick enough graphs, icons, and numbers on the screen and you might be okay. Of course, “okay” rarely gets the job, promotion, or bonus.

Instead, why not go the extra mile with a high-quality free royalty-free soundtrack that impresses your boss, inspires a new repeat client, and keeps your audience awake and motivated to learn? Giving your presentation a soundtrack helps turn a slide show into a story. It adds a new layer of emotional engagement that keeps people attentive. Carefully chosen presentation music can make a dry topic more fun and a dull topic more exciting.

Training videos, product promos, photography portfolios, video reels — whatever you’re presenting, a properly applied free royalty-free track can punch it up, make it pop, and impact your pocketbook in positive ways.

It’s important to us that you have everything you need to make and share amazing content. Take a few minutes to learn more about how free music can help you accomplish your creative goals, and then explore our curated library of royalty-free songs to find music that inspires your best work yet.