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Learn to Not Crash Your New Drone: The DJI Flight Simulator

Robbie Janney

Flying a drone for the first time and terrified of crashing it immediately? Now you can hone your skills before takeoff by using the DJI Flight Simulator.

Drones are expensive. They’re also extremely easy to destroy with one wrong movement of the joystick. That combo can cause incredible anxiety, which can make your hands shake, which can make you hit the wrong button, and—OH MY GOD MY DRONE IS IN THE LAKE. Does this come from personal experience? I won’t say. But yes.

Your ability to pilot a drone used to come from just logging as many flight hours as possible, which required going out to a field with your drone and testing your limits. Even then, you were limited to your drone’s battery life and the conditions around you. Now, you no longer have that problem. DJI has released a brand new flight engine called “DJI Flight Simulator,” which allows you to connect a DJI-compatible remote to your computer and safely test your skills in the safety of your own home or office.

Fly Your Drone at Home

Learn to Not Crash Your New Drone: The DJI Flight Simulator — Fly Your Drone at Home

Just like a pilot gets his training hours in a plane simulator, you can get your hours in at your own computer. This software comes with training programs that teach you the basics of drone flight through simple tracking challenges, all the way up to complicated maneuvers that you might run across in actual flight. The software comes with the ability to use any type of DJI drone in their lineup, which has the exact flight specifications of the corresponding model. With each model, you are able to change the flight mode to Position mode, Sport mode, and their new high speed “Attitude” mode. You can also change the weather, time of day, and even wind speeds to test out your skills in the conditions you might be flying in with your physical drone.

Practice Makes Perfect

Learn to Not Crash Your New Drone: The DJI Flight Simulator — Practice Makes Perfect

“Free Flight Mode” in the DJI Simulator.

To be honest, I wish this software came out sooner. When I first got my drone, flying it for the first few times was extremely nerve-racking. I had to get the feel for controls I had never used before, all with the risk of having an expensive aircraft floating 15 feet off the ground. I played it safe every time out of complete fear of ruining or losing my drone. If I’d had this software before I got my drone, I think I’d be a lot more comfortable flying the drone in real life.

Learn to Not Crash Your New Drone: The DJI Flight Simulator — Skills Training Mode

“Skills Training Mode” within the simulator. 

Having the ability to experiment and become comfortable with difficult tasks and runs without having to put your drone at risk is an amazing benefit of this software. I highly recommend it to any novice pilot trying to gain their bearings, or even a pro who wants to put their skills to the test without the fear of failure.

You can find the download for this software at DJI’s website here.

Top image via Golubovy. All other photos via DJI.

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