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Grant Korgan and “The Push” on Owning Your Own Reality

Paula Goldberg

In The Push, Grant Korgan explores the power of possibility through positivity. In this interview, he shares the insight gained through loss.

Grant Korgan took the most devastating moment in his life and turned it into an affirmation and a journey.

The Push: A South Pole Adventure 

PremiumBeat: It takes about eighteen minutes into the film before the audience experiences the injury that fractured your spine. And, although we know going in that you suffered it, it still manages to be a horrifying shock. I can only imagine the emotions you must have surrounding the film. What is the experience like for you viewing the film?

Grant Korgan: Our goal in making this film was to make a positive impact with our collective efforts, above all else. I truly believe we are most connectable where we are most vulnerable. And, if I believe my own words here, then I knew I was going to need to be all-in — committed fully to share my whole truth — all of it. The emotions I might feel when reliving the worst experience of my life is secondary to sharing my truth — unimportant in the big picture of the film’s ultimate goal.

Diving deeper here, knowing the film is touching the audience’s hearts and minds, and is having the positive impact in the world we all hoped it would, was and is the ultimate intention of the film. I have likely seen this film thousands of times, and there are many parts that still bring me to tears. I believe this is a testament to the team that curated the story, and their ultimate success in achieving such an emotive product. That said, I always avert my eyes during the accident footage. I do not need to relive the feelings and experiences that transpired on March 5th, 2010.

Industry Insights: Grant Korgan and The Push - Owning Your Own Reality - Grant Korgan

Grant Korgan in The Push.

PB: How did you take the determination to use the footage of your accident and build this documentary on your healing process?

GK: This was a decision based on necessity rather than creativity. Ultimately, our team found The Push narrative required this intensive character development, in order for elements such as the South Pole expedition to achieve a desired impact. At this point, it came down to the question of my willingness to “go there.” Unanimously, our post-production team locked arms in a desire to not just tell the story, but tell the whole story. I am extremely proud of the vulnerability and courage everyone on this film showed in expressing our collective truth.

Industry Insights: Grant Korgan and The Push - Owning Your Own Reality - Grant Korgan

Grant Korgan in The Push

PB: The film obviously details your horrific injury and your recovery, but it’s about something so much deeper. It seems to be about how goals are necessary to achieve mind over matter, but that cracks let the light in and should be embraced too. Is that in the ballpark of your exploration?

GK: The truth is this: We all suffer and we all go through struggle. What happens to us, the difficulties we set out for ourselves, and the challenging happenstance experiences that life inevitably brings to our doorstep, is not what’s important — it is how we deal with our struggle that matters. More specifically, it’s who we become through our frictions that defines our characters and ultimately writes our stories. Bottom line, we are at a choice. No matter how dark the day, there is always something to be grateful for, a micro element that can be nurtured into a macro element, a flicker of light that can be fully developed (you have to do the work) into a flame! When we utilize the unlimited power of positivity, we become unbreakable.

Industry Insights: Grant Korgan and The Push - Owning Your Own Reality - The Push

The Push.

PB: What has the response been from audiences? Anything surprise you about reactions from strangers and friends?

GK: It has been a beautiful experience to watch people open their hearts and minds to the messaging of The Push story. Our team has been consistently blown away by the impact, authentic reach, and depth by which audience members have allowed this film into their worlds.

Each of the beats in this film mean different things to different people. With open hearts and minds, our team has received messages of hope, forward-movement, love, and personal growth/empowerment — along with “Why on earth would you go to a place that is 40 degrees below freezing!” This human experience is the exact reason we wanted to invest years of our lives into the act of filmmaking — to make a positive impact in the lives of one or many, all around the globe.

Industry Insights: Grant Korgan and The Push - Owning Your Own Reality - Grant Korgan

Grant Korgan in The Push.

PB: What’s next for Grant Korgan?

GK: Another project has begun! In addition to traveling the nation as a motivational speaker, sharing my book Two Feet Back with new audiences, and recently achieving a life dream of becoming a pilot, my next project will launch on our social media channels and www.grantkorgan.com in the coming months! Follow @grantkorgan and @shawnakorgan for upcoming announcements!

Cover image via The Push.

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