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Create a Modern Slideshow Animation in After Effects

Joshua Noel

In this video tutorial, learn to create a powerful, modern slideshow animation with these amazing After Effects techniques.

With the many ways to create motion graphics in After Effects, it’s important to understand the style you’re trying to create — especially when it comes to slideshow presentations. Knowing what style you’re going for before you get started will set your project up for success.

So What Elements Are in a Modern Slideshow?

To begin with, the modern style is always evolving, so we’ll stick to popular techniques.

Create a Modern Slideshow Animation in After Effects — Modern Style

Clean Graphic

Creating shapes is a good way to improve your project with a little bit of detail. You can use consistent shapes as a background texture — or even overlay them on top of your footage.

Create a Modern Slideshow Animation in After Effects — Clean Graphic

Simple Typograph

Sans serif typefaces will keep your titles clean and easy to read. Don’t go flashy or over-the-top. The white space in your titles is a huge element of your project. Either large or small will work. Just be consistent.

Create a Modern Slideshow Animation in After Effects — Simple Typograph

Background Distortion

Background distortion is a common trend at the moment. Adding some activity to your background with clean cuts will lend the design some personality.

Create a Modern Slideshow Animation in After Effects — Background Distortion

Focused Motion

Every graphic or animation you create should lead your viewer’s eyes to what is important on screen. If you’re using shape animation, make sure it drives attention to your titles or to the important section of your footage.

What to Take Away from This After Effects Tutorial?

In our Modern Slideshow tutorial, you will learn how to create and animate shapes that focus on your titles. You’ll also learn how to create clean typography that sticks out to your viewers. Learn how to create background distortion with your own custom shapes. Lastly, you’ll also learn to create a sliding transition.

And if you’re looking for inspiration, here are some great slideshow examples from RocketStock.com:




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