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Strange ’80s Synth Music for Horror and Fantasy Films

Michael Maher

Go upside down with these killer royalty free, retro-style synth tracks.

Image via Shutterstock.

When it comes to the finest royalty free synthesizer tracks, we’ve got what you need. From our previous retro-creepy Chilling ’80s Synth Mixtape and the recently popular Futuristic Sci-Fi Synth for noir dramas, our composers continue to produce stellar royalty free tracks for your projects.

Strange '80s Synth Music for Horror and Fantasy FilmsImage via Shutterstock.

Whether you’re working in urban horror, retro fantasy, or even futuristic noir, these tracks will evoke a dark and otherworldly setting. Filmmakers and videographers often say that sound is everything, and in this genre, that’s absolutely true. Give your project the soundtrack it deserves with this ready-to-use playlist.

Strange '80s Synth Music for Horror and Fantasy FilmsImage via Shutterstock.

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Strange 80s Retro Synth
Strange 80s Retro Synth
These royalty free tracks will make you feel upside down.
  • Retrowave
  • Minimalist and contemplative, featuring bright synthesizer and pulsating synth bass that create a reflective, spacey mood.
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  • Art Gallery
  • Pulsing and bright, featuring shimmering electronic elements, a bouncy Dance groove and smooth textures that create determination.
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  • Outrun
  • Dark and pulsing, featuring driving analog synthesizers, synth bass and synth drums that create a solemn, reflective mood.
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  • Battles
  • Warm and solemn, featuring piano, soulful male lead vocals and floating synth textures, in the style of Electro Pop.
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  • The Trees
  • Dark and spacey, featuring smooth male lead vocals, emotional electric guitar, bright synthesizer and heavy synth bass that create a reflective, dreamy mood.
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