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Beautiful Music for Successful Wedding Videos

Andrew Taylor

When it comes to wedding videos, making sure you have the right music at hand can make all the difference.

Any time you sign up to film a client’s wedding, it’s a pretty big responsibility to take on. After all, it’s your work that’ll shape the couple’s perception of their special day for years to come. So getting it right is kind of a big deal!

To make a truly professional wedding video, seasoned videographers will tell you that it’s a matter of preparation. Gear and shot checklists are tools of the trade that can ensure you’re ready to capture the big day on film. And choosing wedding-appropriate assets in advance, like Light Leaks and transition effects, means that you won’t be scrambling to get your video done by the deadline.

And finally, there’s one key wedding video ingredient that you should always keep in mind: the music.

Think of wedding video music like the icing on the (wedding) cake: the final touch that can make all the difference. The right track can give your work emotional impact and help drive your video’s narrative forward. Whether going for formal and elegant or playful and lighthearted, it’s your musical choices that will help to set your video’s tone.

To make sure that you’re prepared on the musical front too, we’ve compiled a playlist of ideal, royalty free tunes; the perfect soundtrack for a slo-mo walk down the aisle or for an upbeat wedding reception montage.

Each track has been handpicked from the PremiumBeat music library. And with a PremiumBeat standard license, you won’t need to worry about copyright issues.

To make sure that you’re ready for your next wedding video, check out our ultimate guide for wedding video production, too. It’s packed with expert advice and free downloads (including gear and shot lists) that’ll help you put together a memento that your clients will cherish forever.

Stunning Wedding Video Music
Beautiful Tracks for That Special Day
  • It Matters
  • A light electric guitar and mandolin introduction leads to soothing synth textures, and hand claps that create a happy and optimistic mood.
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  • Take My Hand
  • Gentle and heartwarming, featuring warm acoustic guitar and piano, soft rock drums, and tender vocal syllables that build into a powerful, emotional, and uplifting mood.
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  • Let's Run Away
  • Warm and earthy, featuring smooth female lead vocals, bright acoustic guitar and a light Indie Pop feel that creates an enthusiastic and hopeful mood.
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  • All My Dreams
  • Gentle and old-fashioned, featuring a heartfelt female vocal melody and ukulele that creates a heartwarming mood evocative of the Great American Songbook.
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